10 Things I Learned From TLC’s Secrets Of A Trophy Wife Special


TLC, a network that should have changed its name four or five years ago, offered us a glimpse into the lives of “trophy wives” last night.  Armed with my best friend and a chocolate martini, I sat down and really tried to focus on what I knew would be an important learning experience in my life.  Secrets of a Trophy Wife did not disappoint.  I now feel fully educated and prepared to embark on the journey to becoming a trophy wife myself, a lifelong desire of mine.  I’m just sorry I wasted so much time, energy, and money on a college education when all I needed was this prime-time special to set me on the correct path.

For anyone out there who feels as I do, please sit back and absorb the lessons to be learned from the likes of Simona, Leyla, Jennifer, and Paula.

1.) Nose jobs and boob jobs are NOT optional.
If you want to snag a middle-aged bachelor with a receding hairline and mega millions, you can’t expect them to love your original honker.  It’s probably “too Italian” like Jen felt hers was, or at the very least, not minuscule enough to set your entire face into an asymmetrical mess. Top that off with a nice pair of hard, bolt-on boobs and you’re all set.

2.) That goes for lip plumping too.
If your kisser doesn’t resemble that of a bloated sea bass corpse, then you’re doing it wrong.

3.) Proper style means finding a balance between Kelly Kapowski and Peg Bundy.
Off-the-shoulder skintight neon dresses, big feathered bangs, obnoxious makeup, and anything that resembles the 90s is back and better than ever.  Your older husband needs daily reminders of the decade in which he peaked.

4.) Emasculate your husband daily and often.
Paula, the only woman on the show with a remotely attractive husband, feels that even though she didn’t do a single thing to earn the massive wealth her husband obviously worked very hard for, she’s entitled to treat him like a piece of shit.  Makes sense.

5.) Highlights vs. black hair dye
If you aren’t into brassy zebra stripe  highlights (see Kelly Clarkson, circa American Idol) then you must dye your hair Kim Kardashian black.  And that’s it.

6.) Entrepreneurship comes with the trophy wife territory.
As the trophy wife of a ridiculously successful husband, you automatically earn the title of  ”entrepreneur.”  This could mean you design your own swimwear.  It could also mean that you go to the gym 6 times a week, twice a day.  You say potato, I say… potato.

7.) Upstage your friends by choosing the most obnoxious baby name of all.

8.) Trophy wives become trophy mothers: “Push presents” vs. “Cut presents”
You can’t possibly push little Priscilla out the natural way, silly.  You don’t want to ruin your vagina.  Or your marriage.

9.) The art of perfecting the baby voice isn’t just for Paris Hilton.
Pinch your nose. Get your voice to an off-the-charts high pitch.  This is now how you speak to your husband at all times.

10.) It’s time for a real “come to Jesus” moment.
Even trophy wives are religious.  It’s okay to be a completely psycho hose beast as long as your reference the Lord.



(Photo: TLC)

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    • kayla

      Loved your comments. They were right on and made me laugh. Thanks!

    • Maria B.

      LOL, Some of your comments are funny. As we know, reality TV is staged and scripted to a point. The least offensive of the four was Jennifer, for some reason she came off as the most sincere and hard working. I was inspired to check out her swimwear line, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved her design and attention to detail.

      • Jennifer

        What are you talking about?? She doesn’t work! She even said herself she’s married to a billionaire and doesn’t need to work. Are you living on Mars? The only one that owns a business and works is Simona. She actually owns a business and isn’t w a man. The least offensive of the 4 was Simona hands down! Beautiful, classy and hard working.

      • Maria B

        Your attention to detail would be impressive, if it were in fact attention to detail. Stano said she didn’t have to work,yet she does. And I agree with you Simona does have a legitimate business, and it was highly inappropriate for ALKI to assume it was a “cat house” she was running. However, Simona did marry a man who was 60 years old when she was a mere maiden of 20 years. Quite different than the 17 year difference between Alki & Jennifer, don’t you agree? We could debate this topic ad nauseum, suffice to say, to each their own opinion.

      • Jennifer

        Well she was 20 and didn’t know better. At almost 30, Jennifer should. 17 years is a disgrace especially marrying a chauvinist pig that treats women like trash. And there’s a HUGE difference being married to a billionaire that financially supports your business and being a single woman doing it on your OWN ad supporting yourself darling. Wouldn’t you agree. ;)

      • TW reporter

        Jennifer is 27 and met Alki at 24. Stop hating. For a girl that seems to have it all she doesn’t need to work, but does. Her website is legit and so are her products. I believe she is partners with that new girl on Shahs Lily. In any event- Simona doesn’t have what she has because “she worked hard and is doing it on her own”. She was married twice- admitted one of the times was just for money AND made bank when he ex husband passed. It seems like this “jennifer” who’s commenting on this thread may just be the Simona from the show…. Hmmmm. Debatable.

      • TVEXEC

        I am starting to wonder if this isn’t Jennifer herself commenting! You certainly seem to think you know a lot about Simona. When did she say she was married twice??? And for money? And she made bank? News to everyone! Odd that you seem to know things that were not talked about on the show. Or are you making things up because you’re hating so much your face is green…or plastic like Jennifers? If anyone’s hating it is certainly you. Maybe you hate pretty women all together? You must be a very ugly, fat person to attack beautiful women like that. Get a job, get a life and get some surgery yourself. Stano is a plastic bimbo that sold herself to a 50 year old billionaire who keeps remodeling her. To say she “works” for a living is ridiculous. Unless of course this is Jennifer herself commenting Then I understand you’re hurt but sweetie it’s the truth dear :). #4 is waiting around the corner with this attitude. Alki is being sued by the whole world and even CBS because of his antics. GOOGLE. Oh silly me…you already know that don’t you Jenn.;)

      • Terry

        Jennifer is currently expecting a baby and living in London – she sure as hell has better things to do than comment on a random online article. How pathetic you Jennifer haters are. I agree that Alki is an idiot but Jennifer strikes me as a genuinely nice person. I’m not sure why having had plastic surgery and marrying a rich person automatically makes people think you are a bad person. She has a genuine business that is doing very well, she designs all her own swimsuits and before she met Alki she worked as a sports model and made her own money. It’s not her fault that she is pretty, good on her for using her looks to make money – countless others are doing the same thing and don’t have abuse hurled at them like this!

      • Maria B.

        To Terry: I agree with you completely. It is so disturbing to read the vitriolic
        comments here. I understand the journalist has an opinion and some of her
        comments made me laugh but to the haters here….. I can’t imagine being so consumed with this much animosity towards people you don’t know. Reality television is anything but REALITY. Regarding Stano: I’ve followed her blog for a year and although I seldom post, I do admire her. I think she has a strong work ethic and depite her insanely good fortune to have found her Prince Charming, she remains a forthright person who is willing to share her story with us.

      • Claire

        I pity anyone who is into this trash.

      • Maria B.

        LOL! And yet here you are Claire, commenting in a thread you claim to be “trash” Oh, the IRONY! ; )

      • Betty Boo

        Oh, the Irony. You validated her statement by trash talking.

      • anon

        Okay maybe YOU need to watch the episode again because that gross trashy Simone CLEARLY says she married at 20 and IT WAS FOR MONEY and her husband was 60 (they even play it in the teaser). That is gross!! A 20y/o and a 60y/o have NOTHING in common thats pretty much a child predator and where was her mother letting her 20 year old daughter marry a 60 year old man?? I happen to love Jennifer and Alki together, I am sorry but who wants to be in a boring relationship?? He is hilarious and they look like they have a blast together. Jennifer is so cute and she was working on that swim line BEFORE she even met her husband. You sound so miserable and gross. If she is happy let her be, she is enjoying her life and obviously happy (and pregnant) with her husband!Oh and just so you know plenty of people own businesses and do not have to be in the office 40/hrs a week, that is one of the perks of being self employed! You should try it hahaha

      • Tiffany

        Ummm it’s Simona. Shows how ignorant you are Anus errr Anon lol.

      • Tiffany

        Good for you Jennifer is your role model. Says a lot about you lol! I happen to LOVE Simona and all her work I’ve seen both on the screen and her successful, award winning business. I have seen her movies, magazine covers etc, and she is successful without some dude supporting her. Hats off! And for the ignorant loser Anus lol: The teaser is compiled of many different subjects moron. Simona NEVER said she married him for money. He (Jay Bernstein) was a world famous producer and manager, responsible for creating legends such as Farrah Fawcett, Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore, etc, whom you probably whacked off to in your pathetic life. He is a legend with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. How many can say that? Certainly none of you haters. And he’s dead! Shame on you for trash talking deceased people. Karma is a bitch like you. Simona and her deceased husband worked to get where they are today. They did not marry into wealth or have mommy hand it to them. That’s respect loser. Google and learn. Alki is using mommy and daddys money and hasn’t worked a day in his life. Neither has plastic monkey Jennifer. She came from trash and still is. Get a clue!

      • Itanimulli

        You give women a bad name. You’re talking about her coming from trash, well, you ARE the definition of trash. Your comments are pathetic.

      • steve

        I am laughing tears here!!!! Hey Itanimulli, (who thinks a person that gets plastic surgery is actually having y plastic operated into their body), You are beyond stuuuuupid. DUHHH… are you a wittle hillbilly duhhhh. Go back to elementary school! Which cave did you crawl out of? I know this is probably tough for you to read huh? Ask your mom if she dropped you on your head when you were little hahaha! Wow. Real Einstein here.

      • Itanimulli

        You’re the one who sounds like a hillbilly here.

      • Simonafan

        Simona is a stunning young lady! I am a huge fan of hers and have been since I first saw her on the big screen!! I’ve followed her career very closely and anyone who good vision can see how stunning she is! Which red-blooded, straight man in their right mind would say Simona is gross or trashy? You must either be a jealous woman or a homosexual for talking like this about a gorgeous, young lady. You sound very bitter and full of hate. It must be very miserable and lonely where you are. I feel sorry for you.

      • Russel Weinberg

        I had to comment on this crap. You sound like a fag talking like that. Simona is smoking. I don’t care who she is or was married to. SMOKING! Jenn is a plastic blow up doll. I can buy that at my neighborhood toy store anytime (Pleasure Chest if y’all r wondering haha). Plastic mouth, plastic face, plastic tits. Has she done porn? She looks familiar. Don’t get me wrong I would hit that too in a New York minute but she’s nothing compared to Simona. Simona is on a whole other level.

      • kwerkoew


      • Harold

        LMFAO! Yea she works hard alright. In the sack! You’re a moron. TW reporter my ass. She comes from poverty and married a rich Persian or whatever he is. He totally restructured her face and tits and put her to work treating her like the cheap trick that she is. He treats her like shit and she stays cause she’s got nowhere else to go. Uneducated, no job, no culture, no class, no nothing. Very respectable. NOT. LOSER.

      • Harold

        He probably met Jennifer at an escort service! Now it all finally makes sense! That’s why he keeps talking about that escort service! She’s nothing but a Pro(stitute).

      • kwrko3ok

        No. Just no. Read the comments above. ” I love how she only got that swim line because of her husband… without him, she wouldn’t have it. It’s not really her designs, hope you guys know. She has enough money to hire professionals, and pays to stamp her own name on them. It’s not like the girl has talent. Let’s be real here!!!!”

      • Terry

        Actually, it IS her designs – she started making her own bikinis when she was still modelling, to wear them for official pool parties. Read her blog. So yeah, let’s be REAL here – you guys can hate all you want, but Jennifer is indeed a designer of swimwear and does the designs herself.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        I agree with the majority of what you said, but…..I don’t believe that Simona funded her business on her own. I would venture to guess that the money came from her marriage…or better yet from her divorce. That said, she has a legitimate business unlike Jennifer. I don’t consider designing bikinis as a real job. If she designed real clothing I MIGHT think differently…but her husband’s money will bail her out of any financial problems her ‘company’ will have so no, she isn’t a hard worker as it was put.

      • kaskflj39

        I love how she only got that swim line because of her husband… without him, she wouldn’t have it. It’s not really her designs, hope you guys know. She has enough money to hire professionals, and pays to stamp her own name on them. It’s not like the girl has talent. Let’s be real here!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        If she was a true designer she would design clothing. Anyone can draw pictures of bikinis. If her husband didn’t pour the money into her line there would be no line.

    • RovingReporter

      the bikini model was so embarrassed by her husband when he said that woman ran hookers in her service. she called him “low class and disgusting”. he is out of shape and looked older than that guy who was 50 ! that guy who was 50 keeps in good shape. all of those women have had so much surgery they look like freaks. they can puff their faces all they want they look like trash. a few of us felt bad for the swimsuit gal who was ashamed of her husband elki.

      those women have so much silicone in them that the coast guard has declared them buoyant life saving devices.

    • Emily

      Your comments were disappointing. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, regardless of what has been tweaked. A man who has good qualities and is also a millionaire or billionaire, has the option to choose their dream girl… which is clearly what they have done. To make fun of the ladies’ looks and style is an insecure statement on your part.

      • Cassandra Hough

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess! I think the fact that they feel the need to focus their lives around maintaining/changing their looks for their husband’s sake is insecure on THEIR part.

      • Anon

        Theres nothing wrong with staying in shape and taking care of yourself. Maybe these girls know something we don’t.

      • Jackie

        I think the problem addressed here is if taking care of your looks is the MAIN thing you believe to be the reason your husband is even with you! Seeing as most of the men are already on wife number 3,4,5 etc., how can you ever feel secure that once your body has been screwed up by pregnancy or maybe, you know, some illness that will render you paralysed or, gasp, GAIN WEIGHT, your lovely husband won’t exchange you for a fitter model? Nothing wrong with staying in shape, but if you do it out of panic that hubby dearest might leave you for those already waiting in line then your marriage was pretty damn shallow in the first place. Apart from that, the husbands sure as hell didn’t work on their bodies that much so eff you, double standard!

      • Tiffany

        Amen Jackie! Amen sister!

      • steve

        Exactly Emily! A beautiful woman has many choices and can pick and choose who to marry. Wealthy men have a lot of choices too. Maybe not always for the right reasons but hey, if they marry each other, they deserve each other. Just like everyone that gets married. Live and let be.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        The fact of the matter is that these women would not have married the men if they were dirt poor, period. Good qualities? You mean like Alki and his disgusting sense of humor? Jennifer making excuses for him was no better. Marrying someone because they are rich is repulsive. Also, you have to look at this blog as tongue in cheek….sort of LOLOL.

    • http://twitter.com/BusyBeeh Bianca

      LOL!!!!!!! This article made me laugh and your comments were hilarious. Out of all the women, I really don’t like Paula she’s so evil to her husband and stepson I can’t believe a woman would even behave that way towards her what… 1000th marriage? Women who usually marry a previously married man with a family try to “fit in” and make peace with everyone one of his children to help make ends meet when it comes to establishing a positive relationship and get the “ok” from everyone. Apparently, she’s just a snobby, overly-controlling bitch who thinks she owns Eurocar when she really doesn’t deserve a single penny from her husband.

    • Jennifer

      Cute article. However, being that I am a beautiful woman myself, people always seem to think that I have had surgery. They almost seem disappointed when I respond with a NO. Just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean it’s fake. Although Jennifer does admit in her blog about all the surgeries her hubby bought her. As you can see I did some research after the show in particular about the girl that owns a matchmaking company, Simona. Not only does it look like a very legitimate business but she was also awarded by the city council of Los Angeles with an award for her success. Now I doubt the city awards people with an illegitimate business as Elki so eloquently described it. For him to attack her and slander her business is lowclass. But then whoever said money buys you class? He seems to disrespect all women including his own wife. He was also in top obnoxious mode with the models at Jennifers bikini casting. I don’t know how Jennifer deals with that retard. Oh yes I forgot, he bought her. Good luck Jennifer. You’ll need it. Judging by his character, the moment you show a wrinkle or don’t agree with his antics, you’ll be on the street and he will be on to Trophy #4. Elki you’re a male chauvinist pig!

      • Sam

        Completely agree with you Jennifer. Alki is a jerk. He molded her into some asymmetrical plastic doll. Michael Jackson nose, bolt on tits, cheek implants are a dime a dozen of in LA. She looks like a cheaper version of Kim K. Both of them are pathetic.

      • Hannah

        Actually, she had the operations long before she met Alki, which you would know if you read her blog.

      • Tiffany

        Who cares when?? She’s a plastic puppet is the point.

      • Hannah

        Well, the previous poster said that Alki “molded her into some asymmetrical plastic doll” and that is simply not true. So THAT was the point! And it’s her body, so what do you care what she does it with? Jealous much, “Tiffany”?

      • Russel Weinberg

        Hey don’t hate! Some people like plastic. It’s worked for the porn industry.

      • Itanimulli

        Some people? More like most people. And breast implants are not made of plastic.

      • Steve

        LOL! We got a winner here! Plastic!? You’re not the brightest tool in the shed are you? Plastic is a term for plastic surgery honey. None of the procedures are actual plastic silly. Phew. Highschool anyone?

      • Itanimulli

        Brighter than you, at least. People here are using ‘plastic’, ‘plastic monkey’ and whatnot to describe the ladies, they are not referring to plastic surgery itself. Also, breast implants and rhinoplasty = COSMETIC surgery, not plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is reconstructive surgery, which is something completely different. Boom! High school, anyone?

      • Russel Weinberg

        BRAVO ITANMULLI! You win the award for retard of the page! How do you not understand that some of the ladies look plastic refers to that they’ve had plastic surgery? I can’t imagine you’re that retarded?

      • Itanimulli

        I’m referring to what people use the word ‘plastic’ for in general, which is basically everything. A rhinoplasty will not make you look ‘plastic’, so why are people here calling Jennifer Stano ‘plastic monkey’ etc? It’s something you spew out when you have nothing else to say. What’s retarded is that you’re a guy watching this ‘documentary’ and even commenting on here. We’re not beta, are we?

      • Russel Weinberg

        It’s just like watching a trainwreck! Tough to look away don’t you think?

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        Are you referring to the show, plastic surgery recipients, or Itanimulli’s comments LMAO.

      • kweoir39

        Actually, I have a lot worse things to call Jennifer besides a plastic monkey (which she is LOL) … we have a lot to say, I’m sure.

      • Itanimulli

        Go take a look in the mirror and shut your mouth.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        The more you make excuses the more naive you sound. You should stop now. You are only making it worse.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        I’m thinking she is blonde LMFAO.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        Naivety is a bad look. It is called plastic surgery. The women that have it are called plastic because of that. Get it now??

      • Itanimulli

        Why are you posting several comments with the exact same content? Making excuses is what you do, fattie. I would rather marry a slim girl with enhanced breasts than a fat cow like you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        If you look a little closer you will see that the comments were directed to different people. You seem to THINK you know what I look like…what color are my hair and eyes? How tall am I? How much do I weigh? Calling people names just makes you look like a fool…and assuming someone is fat when they aren’t proves you are.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        She has her first breast implant prior to getting hitched. The huge tits, the nose job, and the vulgar trout pout came via her husband. Did you miss the part when he told her that he loved her original nose?

      • Hannah

        I have been reading her blog for a long time and she has a whole post on her plastic surgery. She did NOT have her original nose when she met Alki, she had a nose job long before she met him. There are photos of her old nose, I presume he is able to look those up. If anything, she has taken volume OUT of her breasts if you compare old pictures (all on her blog) and she also has stopped the lip injections. But whatever, haters gonna hate.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        Haters gonna hate?? How old are you 15? I don’t give a shit when any of it was done. She looks ridiculous period. She is plastic and has overblown extensions. To go along with your childish sentiment, I am not a ‘hater’, I made the same observations that many others have and will make.

      • Hannah

        How hilarious that you would accuse me of being immature! This from you, “Kellie”, who calls a perfect stranger a “plastic” and spreads hatred about her without her having done anything to you at all besides very probably being more beautiful, richer and happier. As a woman in her 30s with a lovely family and a wonderful life I feel no hatred towards Jennifer but find her to be a very kind-hearted, warm person. I enjoy reading her blog and like that she is very honest about what she has had done on her body (no extensions, by the way, but never mind). Is she obsessed with her looks? Probably. Does that automatically make her a bad person? Hardly. So much for childishness, sweetie.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        You think she is going to be completely honest to total strangers and you believe that she has no extensions. You are truly naive “Hannah”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        You think she is going to be completely honest to total strangers and you believe that she has no extensions. You are truly naive “Hannah”.

      • realgirl039234

        Couldn’t agree more, especially the last part. If he loved her for who she was, he probably wouldn’t want to change her or let her change. My boyfriend would never change me, he loves me for who I am inside. And I’ll bet he paid for all of his (many) wives surgeries. So degrading…

    • Julia

      I used to be a fan of leyla milani…a real DIE HARD fan. but seeing her behavior on this show and the comments she makes are disgusting, especially her logic on not wanting to give birth the natural way and if you don’t take care of yourself while you are pregnant your husband will leave your side…..terrible. What an awful women. I thought she was more humble than that… I have lost ALL respect for her….. it’s sad & very disappointing.

      • Russel Weinberg

        I used to see her on Deal or No Deal and she looked pretty hot. But then again it was literally a blink of an eye that they would show her or however long it took her to open her brief case.What happened to her? Who the F does she think she is? What has she achieved in life but opening a brief case on a show? Some people don’t have a car or will never even own anything close to a $70,000 Mercedes and she looks down on it?? I would have kicked her fake ass out a long time ago if I was that midget of a husband. I guess she’s all he can get and that’s why he lets her treat him that way. Embarrassing for him. Poor guy.

    • RealGirl092349

      AHAH this is hilarious and SO true. These bitches are so gross and fake. Pathetic. Like they were so self conscious and so unhappy with who they really were, so they decide to drop thousands of their husband’s bills (men who could be their fathers) to further uglify themselves. The plastic surgery just looks horrible. Says a lot about their self-esteem. I almost feel sorry for the girls… but they’re such brats that I don’t feel sorry anymore. I could be a trophy wife for real. I bet these women don’t know how to cook their man a real dinner! They prob hire chefs. Not trophy wife status…

      • Mary

        Oh yes, “real girl”, because a good wifey needs to be able to cook her master…um, I mean “husband” a real meal! Jesus, you talk about low self-esteem and slander these women, when you yourself have a 1950s outlook on marriage! How about hubby cooks a meal once in a while?! That’s how it works in my household at least.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

      OMG freaking hilarious…but you forgot 2. You must have so many extensions that your hair is bigger than your body. And you must make excuses for your husbands really obnoxious sense of humor.

    • KatieMarieFFH

      The author of this article was clearly just judging these women and their behavior from a place of misunderstanding and evident lack of respect. How dare you ridicule someone for mentioning the Lord as if you know how they practice when the cameras are off.
      Furthermore, there are two women on this show who have been absolute
      inspirations to young women and wives on a global scale. I, for example, enjoy
      keeping up with Jenifer Stano David and Leyla Milani Khoshbin because they do
      run their own successful businesses (who cares who funded it!! Better your
      husband than a bank!), interact with the women who ask them for beauty &
      style advice, and are actually encouraging and not ALL about keeping the glory
      all to themselves. I have been married for two years to my husband and we both
      believe without a doubt that we have a divine power that helped us find each
      other. (Did I mention he’s 11 years older than me? ;) My husband and I have
      made more money together than he ever did before we were married. Now, I’ll bet
      that in 20 years when my husband is in his 60’s and I in my 40’s, are living
      the lifestyle we intend to live, comments like the ones you have made in this
      review will come up and it’ll be really fun to let those people in disbelief
      know our real story =)

      In conclusion, you should consider your tone and limit your insults next time you write another half-witted
      review. I mean, you made fun of their newborn’s name…?? Really?

      (*Side note* I really am just speaking in defense of Jennifer Stano and Leyla; don’t know much of the other
      women on the show.)

    • Sophie

      I can’t help but comment on how many HATERS there are commenting on these women (the author included).

    • anonymous

      Trophy wives are whores & gold diggers. These women are no better than prostitutes