Taylor Swift Still Confused Why Her Ex-Boyfriends Contact Her After She Writes Hit Songs About Them

It wouldn’t be another day if we didn’t have another interview where Taylor Swift gets to feign naïveté. Where she gets to bat her eyelashes, talk hopelessly about love, sigh deeply and ask everyone, “why me?”

This week’s portion of the neverending Taylor Swift Heartbreak Parade comes from an interview she did with Cosmopolitan UK.

On if her exes have contacted her about her songs: “Yes. Only the vocal ones though. The ones that love the sound of their own voice, whether it be an email or text message… or barrage of text messages. But it’s only happened a few times with the ones that really were choice human beings. The thing is, they’re just guessing that the song is about them. I put details in my songs but never first and last names, and I definitely don’t include social-security numbers!”

While I can accept that she writes about past relationships, I cannot accept the way she constantly minimizes the feelings of the men she writes about. It’s okay to be hurt and it’s okay to be sad and yes, it’s even okay to put those emotions to music and make millions. That’s the idea behind so many of our hit songs.

What’s not okay is to continue to act surprised that these men reach out to her to talk about it in a mature way. And by mature, I don’t mean that they’re texting her congratuations for making money off of their failed relationship. I mean that they’re taking the high road and handling their feelings privately. It would be just as easy for any of these guys to contact a media outlet and share their side of the story with the world.

But instead they’re contacting her confidentially. Because maybe it’s possible that her songs dredged up some old relationship shit that they’d possibly like to discuss. Or maybe they want closure. Either way, she’s clearly reaching out to them. By putting details in her songs and not naming names, she’s making sure that these guys know which lyrics are aimed at them

It’s like when your ex makes his Facebook status an incredibly depressing song lyric from a concert you went to together. Everyone else sees it and everyone knows he’s pissed off at someone. But you see it and you know it’s directed at you.

So it’s time for Taylor Swift to stop doing these interviews where she pokes fun at her ex’s for contacting her when she’s clearly provoking them. I’ll accept the fact that this kind of songwriting is her schtick, but I refuse to accept the fact that any ex who reacts to these songs is some kind of horrible human being who deserves to be publicly shamed.

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    • hihi90

      yes! agree!

    • Soshiloveable

      she has a really poor relationship dynamic…she does not seem like she is the type who can stop dating for a while then start dating again,it is like she needs someone beside her all the time..and she has to at least be subtle when writing her love songs,don’t go overboard you man-eater

      • Jenni

        She appears to make poor choices. From a high school student to a pop star known for his crazy dating life…not really serious boyfriend material.

      • Soshiloveable

        she threw away many guys who are suitable for her and went after connor and harry…who would break up with taylor lautner?

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        But great song material eh. You know a breakup is coming so you get to write all those $$$ songs. Read Paglia on her. She’s much much tougher on her than you are. Trust me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.voskoboinikov Michelle Voskoboinikov

      I don’t understand why the public is still buying into this whole “sweet little country girl” puritanical bs. She comes across as being incredibly callous, self-centered and smug. Maybe someone with more talent could be considered endearing or forgiven for acting this way, because at least then we would have an undeniably good album (ala Kanye West), but her commitment to mediocrity forbids that. She has the emotional maturity of petulant child and quite frankly the only one who enjoys hearing themselves talk more than her exes is the Taylor Swift herself. Bad music, bad attitude, bad track record and bad choices. Enough already.

    • MyDearGirl

      waiting for john mayer’s taylor song

    • Cee

      Completely agree! Taylor is emotionally stunted, remember that tantrum she threw in an interview when asked about the repercussions of her songs on a magazine not that long ago? Also on Ellen when she didn’t even want to face the pictures of the men she dated. She refuses to accept that these men have a reason to call her because she IS writing about them and trashing them instead of talking it out like an adult.

      She has gone back to dating children because she is a child, emotionally speaking. Also boys that young tend to say shit like “we’re gonna be together forever and ever!,” which is probably something Jake Gyllenhal, John Mayer (haha!) or Cory Monteith did not.
      She can date anyone she wants, thats not what bugs me, what bothers me is that she plays this victim that needs a hug because someone was a meanie to her. Uh, honey, you’ve dated a variety of men..there is only one common denominator here.

    • directioner101

      This girl is like making a big mistake and what i mean by that is breaking up with harry and the directioner gonna chase down and eat her

      • Soshiloveable

        with knives and nunchucks? XD

    • Soshiloveable

      Taylor seriously needs a taste of her own medicine..someone write a song about her being a desperate whore and see how she likes it since she thinks this is ok