Real Housewives Of Miami: Karent Sierra And The Knights Of The Ambush Table

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Miami are in Bimini Bay in the Bahamas this week, and the vacation is doing an epic job of bringing out their various crazypants personalities. First of all, Adriana de Moura completely missed the flight because she was so distracted with her fourteen pieces of luggage that she forgot her Passport. And of course she was expecting the plane to wait for her, even though they had to keep to a schedule. I mean, she’s a mess. We know that. But the island makes people into more of a mess, based on last night’s episode. The girls always like to gossip, but in the Bahamas they’re literally hungry for it.

Alexia Echevarria is on the trip too, and early on she pulled Ana Quincoces, Lea Black, Adriana, and Marysol Patton aside to drop the bomb that she has proof of Karent Sierra‘s boyfriend Rodolfo cheating on her. She has an article brought to her by one of her writers, which has a picture of him kissing another woman and quotes by that same woman about their relationship. Hoo boy. Maybe they’d be able to handle this information like adults if they were back in Miami, but in Bimini you can literally see them struggling not to reveal it every thirty seconds. The girls start a conversation about cheaters and ask Karent if she would want to know if she was being cheated on, and then Alexia takes Lisa Hochstein outside to tell her about it. It’s disgusting. It’s like a feeding frenzy. At the table during dinner, with everybody there, Adriana kept saying, “Alexia should bring the paper out. She should bring the paper out.” It was like sharks circling, and it was bound to come out sometime.

Everyone kept saying they felt so bad for her, but really they all just wanted to watch her reaction. The only one of the group (other than Lisa and Joanna Krupa, who are actually friends with Karent) who was behaving with any kind of sympathy was Lea, but she was drunk for the very first time, so she wasn’t much help. To her credit, Lisa tried to take Karent aside to tell her about the allegations in private, but fuuuuuuucking Alexia followed them back inside, and all the rest of the women came with her. Once the news was out, no one could understand why she didn’t want to see the pictures or talk more about it, even though it made perfect sense. These are not Karent’s friends. She’s close enough with Joanna, Lisa, and Lea, but she’s not an idiot — she knows that the rest of the women are just there to revel in her misery, and she’s not going to give them the satisfaction.

Do I think that Rodolfo is cheating on Karent? Yes, absolutely I do, and if he is, that behavior is disgusting. But I saw the behavior of the other women myself and for me — that’s the most disgusting thing of all.

(Image: Bravo)

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    • Caroline

      I think you did a terrific job of summing up/commenting on the episode. You’re right on target. Look forward to reading you more.

    • Sydney

      Right on target! I love Housewives, but this was one of the most disturbing episodes I think I’ve seen. You described it bang-on: Like sharks circling. I wasn’t a huge fan of Karent in the first few episodes, and I actually thought Alexia had her head on straight but wow, clearly I was wrong there. What a beeotch, and to so clearly relish in being one. Defies description really, but I’m so glad I don’t actually know anyone like that.

    • Kelly Gonzalez

      I’m not a big fan of karent, I just don’t believe that there are people that are so smart, but so stupid, when shit is smacking you in the face, but I really felt badly for her, it was so insensitive, and you could see the pain all over her face., but I know from watching Andy Cohen, she has finally moved on, good for her. Karent, you need to stop trying so hard, in love, and friendships. You are successful, stop pushing your self so much, it just doesn’t come off cool, and I think you are more worthy then what you appear. Good luck!

    • oiram

      i think it goes alot deeper….the latin culture and especially latin women tend not be supportive of each other if they are professionals, beautiul, intelligent. The Cubans tend to think they are above every other Latin culture and in this series…they clearly band together because of Karent’s professional persona is too much for them to handle as the as one of the new women on the show. Karent trying to hard to endear these girls as her friends really set her up for failure as they were not welcoming from the very beginning. She really can do much better and Joanna and Lisa tend to be loyal and much more savvy in this regard. The ones that did not embrace her [Alexia, Ana, Marysol and Adrianna] continue to deride her at every opportunity they can. You hit Alexia right on …She loves to state her Barbie status. Who says that as a topic of conversation in their mid life and why when she is a successful businesswoman in Miami….in her business it is all about looks and ? …come on. She is Evil Barbie and you see it in her intensity in Bimini. She needs counseling as she has some hidden anger management issues and Karent seems to bring them out.. When she sees the shows, she will see how wrong she was to listen Adrianna distort what really happened between her and Joanna. Adrianna is flipped and flirts with other housewife’s men, ie, Roman. She has a guy who should dump her as he does not deserve to be with her. She doesn’t even know if she wants to be be with him. Joanna is so on target with alot of her comments with Adrianna. I like Marysol but again as an established professional in the PR business, she would like to be doing the gigs that Elaine is getting. i can totally see her trying to sabotage someone, in this case, Elaine, to get in the PR business. I like Ana and she seems to be seeing the women alot better than when the show first started. I love the show because is shows the strengths that professional women bring but also their weaknesses of competition even in mid life.

    • kellysunshne09

      Great recap! You are absolutely
      right Rodolfo cheating on Karent is disgusting, but the women telling Karent
      while on vacation and on national TV is even more disgusting. I missed this
      past episode “Real Housewives of Miami” because of my new work schedule at
      DISH. I had to record this episode, but I’m bad with setting weekly timers on
      my DISH Hopper so instead I set it to record the entire season. I have over 400
      hours of HD DVR room, and with that I won’t miss a single episode and I can
      still record my other favorite programs the same night without using up much
      space. I think Karent is too naïve to understand these women are not her

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