Revenge Definitely Killed Itself In Season Two

Last season I loved Revenge. The plot involved murder, scandal, lies, terrorists and beautiful people who could afford summer homes in the Hamptons. Essentially everything I ever pinned to my dream board as a child. “Look,” I often said to myself as Emily Thorne framed one of her father’s former co-workers for a crime he didn’t commit, “dreams do come true!”

While I had no delusions that Revenge could compete with critically acclaimed shows like Breaking Bad, I enjoyed watching it every single week. In fact, it was one of the few shows that I made an effort to rush home and watch live. I couldn’t bear the thought of falling behind on Emily Thorne’s plan to bring down the Greyson family.

Yes the plot didn’t always make sense and yes I found Jack Porter’s infatuation with an 8-year-old girl he met one summer a little disturbing, but I went with it. For the most part, the show worked. They were writing their own rules (NYC is approximately 5 minutes from the Hamptons), but the rules all made sense in their world. I can handle that.

When last season ended with the discovery that Emily Thorne’s (or should I say Amanda Clarke’s) mother didn’t die as a child like she thought she did, I eagerly awaited the second season.

“Yes,” I fist pumped in the air, “this will be amazing!!!”

Then the second season happened and it sucked. Like I’m clinically depressed with how quickly it got bad. Mostly a drama can through at least two seasons before running out of plot lines and being forced to create inane storylines (see the fact that Seattle Grace experienced every possible natural disaster for an example). But I guess the creators of Revenge gave up a little faster than that.

Where do I begin with the madness?

Perhaps the fact that they brought Emily/Amanda’s mom back and sent her away without any kind of build-up. There’s that. There’s also the fact that I felt nothing for her character and never felt any kind of connection between her, Amanda and/or Emily. I think they maybe could have stretched that plot a little further — possibly made it less about Gordon and more about Emily struggling to reveal her true identity to her long-lost mother.

And speaking of mothers, we have Amanda. Why oh why is there a baby on the show now. Babies are the worst on shows! Especially when they’re delivered after their mother gets daytime-soap-opera pushed off a balcony. What was that? And how did she have NO broken bones? SHE FELL ONTO A MARBLE FLOOR AND WAS SURROUNDED BY BLOOD!! At least give her a finger splint.

So yeah we not only have a baby now, but we’re also getting into incredibly soap-y territory. I’m all for heightened drama, just not when it’s falling off a balcony after a big reveal.

Another thing I’m not for? Any of the drama surrounding the Porter’s bar. They’re great characters for our leads to interact with when it’s necessary – but I just don’t care about them enough for them to get such a huge plot this season. There’s just no need for someone to be working on a revenge plan on them too. Especially when the revengers clearly didn’t attend the ultra-exclusive Revenge Academy.

Also, Jack, try googling people before you make them your business partners. That’s a simple business tip from someone who’s never owned a business. Nolan’s not a computer whiz, he simply turned one on and typed in a few names.

Last but not least, I hate all the business talk this year surrounding Nolcorp and Greyson Global. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. While Emily certainly snuck around last season, I always felt like we were on the same page. Now I just feel lost in all the talk about stocks, investments and board members.

I don’t like feeling stupid when I’m watching TV — and this season of Revenge makes me feel like an idiot. I’m constantly pausing the show to figure out who knows what, who’s working together and what the hell Greyson Global even does. To be honest, I’m not even sure I understand what Emily’s plan is now.

Oh and I know I said last but not least, but I lied. I hate “the initiative.” It’s stupid and it can’t possibly live up to its reputation. What the hell can it possibly be that it controls so many people around the world.

So in conclusion, I’m over Revenge. Sadly, I’ll probably keep watching it, but I won’t enjoy it. Not unless they get back to the original formula where Emily worked to avenge her father.

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    • Yael

      I completely agree with the author! I have no idea what is going on!!! I think I quit after last episode, I am no longer watching

      • Jenni

        Such a shame because I used to love the show.

    • Vicky

      I completely agree about Amanda’s baby! I was secretly hoping she’d lose it and that would be the end of Amanda and Jack, but I guess the writers disagreed. Anyway, I still have some hopes for the show, and I’ll definitely watch it when it resumes. I won’t be able to watch it live because I work Sunday evenings at DISH, but I’ll catch it on my DVR. My DISH Hopper is already set to auto-record Revenge along with the other primetime shows on the four major networks using PrimeTime Anytime, so I’ll be able to watch the show on my own time even if I forget to set a timer.

    • Jeremy Ponniah

      These are my exact thoughts. The writers have completely forgotten what made the show so addictive. There is nothing enjoyable about watching Emily take down some cliche supervillains- it’s a joke. Aiden’s presence is completely unneeded and takes focus away from the takedowns. Which Emily doesn’t care about anymore apparently (except for that single judge episode, the saving grace of the season).

      Also by having Amanda actually have the baby the writers have written themselves into a corner. They either have to kill the baby or kill Amanda if they want Emily/Jack (my OTP) to work.

      I don’t really have hope for this show anymore. The Initiative has become so nebulous that I don’t see how the writers could write them out of the plot and return to the Season 1 format. If they kill off Jack next episode that’s the last straw, I’m out.

      • Jenni

        Thank you for agreeing! Even after finding out the Initiative’s big plot this week, I’m still done. Actually more so because it’s stupid and I don’t care what they’re doing. HOW ARE SO MANY PEOPLE POSSIBLY INVOLVED? All I want is for Emily to confront Victoria about her father. That’s it.

    • HipSickie

      Yes, yes, and yes!!!
      The story is dead and the new characters don’t help much… thank U for your insights, they are very useful for writers.

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    • william

      The script for Revenge is about as stupid and juvenile as it can get. . A kung fu martial arts queen’ who after three seasons, can’t get her next door neighbors. Add to that the story is a rambling mess that has no direction at all. Characters appear and disappear within two episodes for no apparent reason or impact on the show. And except for Madeline Stowe, no one seems to be able to speak above a whisper.

    • Paul Bowman

      It is getting weird, I cant get in this season

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