Adam Levine Thinks He’s Sexy Enough To Say ‘Honey Boo Boo Is The Decay Of Western Civilization’

Maroon 5 frontman and “ripped-but-expensive” T-shirt enthusiast Adam Levine is trashing Honey Boo Boo in this month’s issue of GQ. When asked if it would be scarier to wake up not famous or as Honey Boo Boo’s parent, Adam Levine shockingly chooses the latter option — and then goes way overboard with the mean comments.

Levine says “Just because so many people watch the show doesn’t mean it’s good.” Interesting comment, since the same could be said about The Voice. Also, it’s obvious he doesn’t watch Lifetime if he thinks “people watching shows is not equal to the shows being good” is some new development.

Then he starts in on the hyperbole: “That show is literally The. Worst. Thing. That’s. Ever. Happened.” That’s right. Literally the worst thing ever. Worse than war or famine or even Liz & Dick.

But that’s not all. He even goes so far as to say that TLC‘s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo “is the decay of Western civilization.” That’s funny. I’d say the widespread misuse of the word “literally” is the decay of Western civilization. But that’s just me.

Oh, you thought it was over? No, there’s more. I’m starting to think Levine is being paid by the word by some anti-go-go-juice organization to say as many horrible things as possible about the little beauty queen. He gets really classy, saying, “It’s complete f*cking ignorance and the most despicable way to treat your kids. F*ck those people. You can put that in the magazine: F*ck those idiots.” Good thing he cleared up that it was okay to print those comments. Otherwise I’m sure the writer would have just kept them a secret.

Oh, and he throws another F-bomb in for good measure: “Just to clarify, I said, “F*CK THOSE PEOPLE.”

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Adam Levine thinks “I’m Too Sexy” was written about him, and he wants to add the line, “I’m too sexy to get in trouble for saying hyperbolic, classless things.”

He obviously already unofficially added the lines “… to wear normal shirts” and “… to shave.”

Look, I’m all for poking fun at Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. In fact, I’m pretty sure most of Honey Boo Boo’s viewers are tuning in for a laugh. And it’s one thing to make an intelligent criticism of kid pageants or exploitation, minus the F-bombs and exaggeration. But there’s nothing good-hearted or intelligent about Levine’s rant.

Also, back to the question that started this whole mess. If Adam Levine has such a negative view of Honey Boo Boo’s parents, wouldn’t he want to wake up as one of them to right their wrongs? Come to think of it, I’d pay to see someone make a Freaky Friday situation happen, although it wouldn’t be the same without Jodie Foster.

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    • Scott

      Adam is SO right! I don’t think even the maggots watch that stupid show. The hurts what Americans are really about. I bet they still collect food stamps.

    • Marcie

      Adam has always voiced his opinions openly and he is never wrong in doing so. In fact I wish someone cared that much about what my opinion so that I could say the exact same things about the show in GQ. Rock on Adam. Well said.

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      The writer of this is definitely some fat ugly bitch that supports parental negligence, so what he curses are you implying that you don’t? how does it make someone a bad person for talking bad about terrible parenting

    • julia


    • Terribaditude

      He was insulting the show. At no point did he say anything bad about the kid herself. If anything he was raging about how she was being treated, as a lot of people are. Everyone with a brain thinks that show is garbage, why suddenly is Adam Levine a douchebag for saying so?