5 Facts About “The Next Usher” AKA Jacob Latimore

So yesterday was a special day. First of all, it was Thursday. On top of that, young triple threat Jacob Latimore released his second mix tape, This Is Me, which you can download for free (!!!) at JacobLatimoreMixtapes.com. AND, we got to hang out with Jacob! (Virtually, of course.)

See?! We got even more than this personalized video, too. On our Facebook page, fans were given the chance to ask Jacob all their burning questions. It was pretty awesome watching the interaction between Jacob and his fans, and we were so happy to have had hosted. We learned a lot about the young rising star. (Yes, he will visit Cleveland. Maybe.) What, exactly? Well, check out these 5 Facts and see for yourself!

1. He loves his fans! Jacob said it himself: “I can’t become a household name without the fans!” Which explains why his favorite thing about being on tour is “performing for the fans.” He “lives for it,” because they’re so important to him.

2. His new mixtape is so good that he can’t pick a favorite song from it—he loves them all! But he is curious about what his fans have to say about it. Which song is your favorite?

3. He wants to collaborate with Justin Timberlake and Beyonce! Whatdya say, guys? JT, Bey, we support this. (You both have our permission to move forward with the collaborations.)

4. Jacob’s got some serious plans for the future. He says that in 10 years, he wants to be recognized as “one of the greatest entertainers in music and acting!” We think that is a distinct possibility.

5. He has bad habits just like us! He admits to “not washing the dishes” and “forgetting [his] invisalign!” So relatable! At least he hasn’t thrown his invisalign in the trash yet with his lunch tray…

Want more Jacob Latimore? Visit his website or follow him on Twitter @jacoblatimore.

(Photo: Facebook)

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    • bella jacob

      i love jake so much! <3

    • Reese

      He’s from my hometown. I met him in 2006 when he was still just a local artist.

      • Jenni

        Did you like him?

      • Reese

        Yeah he was just a little kid back then, still in elementary school and performed for the camp i worked at. He was friendly. I remember telling him he’d be the next Chris Brown. And then Chris Brown went crazy and i thought “i hope Jacob doesn’t turn out like Chris Brown”

    • Reese

      He’s from my hometown. I met him in 2006 when he was still just a local artist.

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