One Direction Totally Troll Fans With This Video Where They Dance Around In Onesies And Grab Each Other’s Crotches

One Direction OnePiece jumpsuit video behind the scenes grabbing each other's crotches butts lipstick Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan Liam Payne Zayn Malik

Directioners, what am I supposed to make of the One Direction lads’ back-and-forth on all this boy band homoeroticism? Harry Styles gamely answers questions about which 1D member he’d date, but then Louis Tomlinson says that the fans’ “Larry Stylinson” pairing is “bullshit.” Andy Cohen apologizes for calling the boys “twinks” even though no one was actually angry about it. Then there are all those GIFs of the boys grabbing at each other. I don’t know what to believe!

Further confusing the issue is this video, a preview of the boys’ collaboration with OnePiece. Loyal fans will remember that they wore the OnePiece jumpsuits to their X Factor finals in 2010, so it makes sense that they’ve kept a relationship with the company. The special-edition jumpsuits will go on sale soon; the video says you can pre-order them at the site, but so far I can’t find anything to that effect.

But let’s talk about the more pressing part of this story, which is the boys running around in their onesies grabbing each other’s butts and crotches. And just in case you think, Oh, it’s a blurry video, you can’t tell anything, they’ve painted their hands so you can see just where they were grabbing one another. Those red handprints don’t lie.

And did I mention that they were also wearing lipstick? (Presumably to plant kisses on their victims’ jumpsuit-clad bodies after chasing each other down.) Here’s a photo of one of the makeup artists getting Louis all dolled up:

One Direction OnePiece jumpsuit video behind the scenes grabbing each other's crotches butts lipstick Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan Liam Payne Zayn Malik

This video is fun and silly, but it also brings back the same pattern I’ve noticed with 1D: Play up the boy-on-boy affection, yet don’t make it more than platonic or, at best, subtextual. Maybe I’m reading too deeply into this. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a group of girls doing this, but with guys I’m always curious because there is that “fear” of looking gay.

Which is why I’m reaching out to you, devoted fans who know more context than I do. Do you think they’re just fooling around on a video shoot, or are they totally aware of all the GIFs that will be made out of this thirty-second video?

[via ONTD]

Photos: Elin Färlén and Li Säfvenberg via OnePiece blog; @SaBooBsna

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    • Cece D

      Ok THEY DONT CARE ABOUT LOOKING GAY they are 5 best friend and they just wanna have fun and this whole ‘i could see girls doing this’ is just damn right sexist i think its attractive if guys do stuff without the ‘fear’ of being gay its just a word if you are not gay it should matter what others think so in the words of The Tommo Tomlinson ‘Your Rude, Goodbye’

      • Cece D

        *shouldnt matter what others think

    • 1directioner

      Yea this is obviously bullshit!!! The video didn’t even work! Really get ur stuff together xc

    • anonymous

      both. they are aware, but they are having fun. 1D is goofy and they don’t conform to heteronormativity. which is good. you don’t have to act a certain way, because of how you look. no one belongs in a box (metaphor).

    • anonymous annika

      I think Louis Tomlinson (in particular) is fine with the homosexual jokes as long as he feels like a) it’s a joke and b) that means he’s in control of it. He is, of course, the originator of the term “Larry Stylinson” in the first place AND he’s the one who did a whole interview about how he “goes behind Harry” while “playing MarioKart.” But lately, that need for gayness to be a joke just makes him come across like a homophobe. Self-hating, maybe. But a homophobe.

    • Lea Benjamin

      They’re really close. They’re like brothers. They aren’t gay. I do ship Larry Stylinson, but I know it’s just for fun.
      And then there’s the simple fact that they’ve all had/have GIRLFRIENDS.

    • Aiyanna

      I think 10 so what if they ARE gay, 2)So what if they aren’t, and 3) Your sexuality doesn’t define you. Besides, who cares, no fan really wants to see them mature. They’re boy-men, let them live a little.It’s really that simple.