Video: Don Cheadle Brings The Pain Again In Captain Planet 2

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Hard to believe that it was nearly a year ago that Funny Or Die posted the first, hilarious Captain Planet video! Don Cheadle was an odd but utterly inspired choice to play the ecological superhero, who gets drunk on power and starts turning everyone into trees. And now, we get to check in on Cap a year later in Captain Planet 2, which went online today!

I gotta say, this video is a lot weirder than the first one. Whereas the original played off the animated show we all loved and sang along to as kids, Captain Planet 2 is mostly a weird internal monologue from the titular superhero, as he contemplates the world he now rules over. Whether you toss your bottle into the trash or get him a scratchy towel, it’s bushes for you. But wait—now he’s branched out (heh) to animals!

As random as this is, Don Cheadle is still an amazing Captain Planet. I will never stop applauding that casting choice. And the video is worth it for the last thirty seconds: It culminates in a weird, dubsteppy pseudo-music video. See, that’s what we need in our Captain Planet parodies—commentary on whatever the hot cultural trend of the year is! The video says “To Be Continued,” which makes us hope that the next Captain Planet installment to come sometime in 2013 will feature Don Cheadle doing “Gangnam Style.” Or whatever foreign dance eclipses poor Psy.

Actually, let’s just see various renditions of the Captain Planet theme song, in the style of “Gangnam Style,” “Call Me Maybe,” dubstep… Yes, this should completely happen.

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