Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt Actually Play Batman In The Justice League Movie?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman Justice League America movie rumors Armie Hammer The Dark Knight Rises Zack SnyderRemember when I said that Armie Hammer had replaced Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the rumored new Batman in the upcoming Justice League America movie? Well, now it turns out JGL might be back in the running.

Now, this is all just conjecture, but HitFix has some sources who say that Joseph will “absolutely” play Batman in JLA, which is basically DC’s answer to this summer’s superhero blockbuster The Avengers. You’ll remember that The Dark Knight Rises ended with JGL’s character Robin John Blake discovering Bruce Wayne’s Batcave after the former retreats to Italy to start a new life separate from Gotham City and either of his identities. With his idealism and impressive ability to keep calm during Gotham’s Bane-induced ice age, Blake could be an ideal replacement for the Caped Crusader.

But Blake was a Christopher Nolan character, and it’s Zack Snyder who’s manning JLA. Now here’s where the rumors get interesting. We hear whispers that Warner Bros. (who owns the character) wants to kickstart things sooner rather than later, since it’s going to take some time to cast and shoot JLA. (It wouldn’t come out til 2015.)

Snyder has started hinting at a Justice League connection to his upcoming Superman movie Man of Steelthe story for which comes from Nolan! HitFix pointed out that it wouldn’t be so crazy to maybe glimpse the new Batman at the end of Superman’s origin story, seeing as those two are so often pitted against each other in the comics. Furthermore, these crossover character cameos worked wonders for the Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers.

Personally, I’d still prefer to see Armie Hammer take on the cowl. There’s something about his clean-cut looks and wry humor that I’d like to see embody Batman. Then again, JGL is a great candidate after his intense turn in Looper.

Would you watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman, or is the studio trying to force it?


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