Andrew WK Convinces Everyone He’s Been Appointed Cultural Ambassador To The Middle East

America’s partier-in-chief Andrew WK is such a nice and sincere guy that it’s easy to forget he has a mischievous streak as well. Maybe that’s why major news outlets including Gawker, Pitchfork, Fox News and The Huffington Post are all reporting his latest “press release” as if it is facts and not a funny joke he is playing on all of us.

According to Andrew WK’s website, Mr. WK has been appointed a cultural ambassador to the Middle East by the US State Department for the noble purpose of “promot[ing] partying and positive power”:

In the tradition of the American Jazz Ambassadors who traveled the world in the mid 20th century as examples of American culture and spirit, Andrew has been invited by the State Department to travel to the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain and share his music and partying with the people there. Andrew will begin his journey sometime in December, 2012 and will visit elementary schools, the University of Bahrain, music venues, and more, all while promoting partying and world peace.

Says Andrew:

“This is a tremendous invitation. I’m very thankful to the Department of State for giving me the opportunity to visit a place I’ve never been before. And I feel very privileged and humbled by the chance to represent the United States of America and show the good people of Bahrain the power of positive partying. I can hardly wait for this adventure!”

If this seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Local blog Brokelyn contacted the US State Department to ask them about it and they had no idea what they were talking about. Beyond that, there’s the fact that Andrew WK’s “party til you puke” philosophy is not terribly compatible with conservative Middle Eastern cultures. Plus, despite his semi-prominent role in pop culture, Andrew WK’s music is not all that well-known. Wouldn’t it make more sense for America to send someone the majority of Americans have heard of, let alone Bahrainians? And then there’s this:

“For security reasons, the exact travel dates, details, and other specifics are being kept top secret at this time. Complete information will be released as soon as possible.”

Sure, honey. For his part, Andrew WK is standing fast, exhorting people not to believe the lies:

However, the article he linked to now contains an update to the effect of “this is probably fake,” so perhaps it’s all starting to unravel. That said, it’s impressive he got so many outlets to report it, including the seemingly infallible Gawker, so congratulations to him for that. I will party a little bit extra in his honor tonight.

UPDATE: Apparently Andrew WK was booked by the State Department to do this, but when various outlets contacted them about it, they rescinded the invitation, calling it “a mistake and inappropriate.” How rude.

(Via Brokelyn)


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