Kristen Stewart And Ben Affleck Will Have Sex In Their Next Movie, But Probably Not In Real Life

Remember that time Kristen Stewart hooked up with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders while dating Robert Pattinson? You probably do because everyone’s framing the rest of her career with that in mind.

For example, she’s apparently in talks to star in Focus with Ben Affleck. Like many movies about adults, this movie involves sex. However unlike most movies about adults, everyone’s now acting like Kristen Stewart can’t have faux-sex with a  co-worker in a movie without wanting real sex with a co-worker  later. Believe it or not, she’s not sexually attracted to every man she meets now.

I know, I know, your Idiot’s Guide to Dealing with Homewreckers totally misled you.

However publications like In Touch are really getting into this “Kristen Stewart’s powerful enough to seduce married men” story and it appears they’ll be covering it in the most salacious way possible. Yesterday they published the magazine cover featured above with the caption, “she’s moving on – to steamy sex scenes with Ben Affleck. Why Jennifer Garner should be very,very worried.”

And today they’re giving us a rundown of the script and acting like it’s on the level of Fifty Shades of Grey.

And the script reveals that there’s no shortage of steamy moments between the two characters. The role Kristen would play has a nude scene, and the lead characters have makeup sex after a huge fight In another racy scene, the script reads: “Looking up at the man in front of her, the young woman whispers, ‘Just kiss me.’ He lowers his lips to hers, her back pressed against the hotel room door. After fumbling for the lock, the pair stumble through the hallway to the bedroom, never breaking their embrace. They fall onto the bed in a tangle of limbs.”

Sounds like a classic sex scene to me. Nothing out of the ordinary for a movie about a relationship.

(Also, side note, I hate the expression “a tangle of limbs” because it always sounds so painful. Can’t people ever fall into bed in a passionate embrace?)

While Breaking Dawn 2 certainly didn’t convince me that Kristen Stewart’s the next Oscar-winning actress, I do believe that she’s capable of being on a movie set without seducing every married man there. I really, really do.

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    • Lori

      He’s 40–why are they pairing her up with men in their 40′s? Dont movies put any romances with pepole their own age

      • Jenni

        You know that once a woman hits 40 in Hollywood, she has to play the divorced single mom. Then when she hits 50 she can play the sassy grandmother.

        Can you even imagine a 40-year-old woman playing a love interest?? That would be INSANE!!

      • abbeysbooks

        Ah for the old radio soap operas. Helen Trent: Can a woman still find love and happiness after 35. And her Gil, who was a mama’s boy and all her trials with mama. I used to try to stay home extra days when I was sick to listen. Our Gal Sunday: Can a girl from a coal mining town in Colorado find happiness with England’s richest, most handsome lord, Lord Henry Winthrop. OMG those “trailers” still ring after 70 years!

      • abbeysbooks

        I can think of 2 great ones and I have done a full screenplay on one and a partial on the other. Happily they sit and rest on my HD taking long long naps instead of me.

    • ss

      I don’t think any of the Twi movies, “shows” potential oscar winning actors, because the books/script were cheesy as hell. Cmon, the Bella & Edward characters were not suppose to be like these “great literary” characters. I liked the Twilight movies, for what they are worth. I mean the book is purely just for “entertainment” purposes. These books/movies were not made for “critical” success. I mean you gotta take it for what it’s worth.Unfortunately, Twilight was a doubled edged sword for KS (especially), and RP (he seems to be doing just fine with all the movies he has got lined up). I mean, sparkly vampire falls in love with human girl, written by stephanie M, doesn’t and would never equal Oscar anything.I think the “best” chatacter period was Aro. And M Sheen, is a good actor.

      • Jenni

        I just felt like Kristen Stewart went through the motions. Was she even trying?

      • abbeysbooks

        The way it was structured did she even have a chance to do anything else. See darren’s review at his in Dublin the home of the great Irish Times.

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    • Peony

      What next?Revelations that she had affairs with all the married male co stars and directors shes worked with?Oh wait shes supposed to be romantically involvedwith all her female costars as well!Oh dear does that mean the whole of Hollywood is under threat from vicious Kristen?I hope Kristen starts suing all these stupid publications.They are obsessed with Kristen.

    • Jenver

      The pr from her “cheating” scandal still continues to produce winners…we’re now reading and talking about a film that hasn’t even been made yet. AND, I might add, a movie with a plot that’s been done a thousand times that most likely wouldn’t get much press otherwise. Pure Hollywood genius.

    • Vennie Bermudez

      This is way too much psych-up publicity! I was LMAO catching a glimpse of the title!