The Best (Maybe Weirdest)Thanksgiving Recipes We Found On Pinterest

Pinterest is perfect for people who are really into categorizing, because you can thematically curate your photographic collections of…well pretty much anything. But it’s also good for people who are into low-to-no pressure. A refuge from relationship statuses and check-ins and grammatically frustrated comments—Pinterest doesn’t really encourage anything besides excessive scrolling. Most feel compelled to do little else besides click around and look at cool stuff when visiting the site. (While we’re on the topic, are you following us on Pinterest?)

Lately we’ve been excessively scrolling through the site looking for some Thanksgiving recipe inspiration. If there’s one thing (besides decorating tips) that’s Pinterest is good for, it’s recipes.

There’s a ton of pressure around this time to make meals that everyone will enjoy, and that’s not always easy. As expected, Pinterest did not let us down and we found some really great stuff. Thanks, Pinterest, for being so helpful and chill. We’re all super grateful for your virtual existence.

In a tribute to the glorious recipes we found Pinterest, we thought we’d compile some of the ideas we found. Not all of them included recipes (okay none) so we came up with some suggestions for you to follow when it comes to making these soon-to-be-favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Thanksgiving TV Dinner



6 Cupcakes (Flavor of your choosing)
4 dog bones. (Purchase at a pet store near you!)
1 Cup of any questionable, brown liquid.
Tbsp. butter
Sprinkles, Green Skittles, and cubed cheddar cheese for the toppings! Delicious, right?

Lazy Man’s Leftovers


Leftover Candy Corn from Halloween (As many as you can spare.)
A nicely typed letter explaining how Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the little things. Emphasis on the little.
A note cut up like a big fat turkey to really get into the holiday spirit.

Big Bird


One Big Bird
Salt and Pepper to taste

Vegetarian Turkey


There’s just nothing better than a turkey with a face now is there? I think the ingredients are pretty self evident with this one, but just in case…

Sandwich of your choice (cut into a circle)
Apple Slices
Raisins, Cheese & Crackers
Googly eyes

Simple Pumpkin


Small pumpkin

A Grandmother

Juiciest Turkey Ever




Kebab sticks




I can’t tell you what’s in this secret turkey. No really…

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