Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Pull Off The Cutest Halloween Couples Costume Ever

Last night our favorite gal pal Jennifer Lawrence went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote her upcoming movie Silver Linings Playbook.  As always, she found a way to make us love her even more. How does she do it? (And don’t say black magic.)

Naturally one conversation led to another and before you know it they started talking about Halloween. Because there’s no better holiday to discuss when you’re looking for an entertaining story. Except Arbor Day of course. OMG, the stories I could tell you from Arbor Day ’97. You’d never look at me the same way ever again.

But back to Jen. Turns out she went to a Halloween party with her Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper. He dressed up as a gorilla and she dressed up as a fat witch.

It’s obviously a couples costume from that movie. You know what movie I’m talking about. That movie with that celebrity where they go to that place. Then they’re at the place and she’s all like, “I’ll have what she’s having!” Yeah? No?

Anyways, Jennifer Lawrence looks totally phat in this costume. As Jay Leno points out, she also looks fat. Like fatter than she normally does, which is pretty fat according to Hollywood.

As someone who personally abhors sexy Halloween costumes (and someone who went as Airbud to a public Halloween party this year), I love when a fellow lady chooses a funny costume over a slutty costume. Especially when there are probably 600 slutty witch costumes to choose from.

Well done J.Law.

See her full interview right here:



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    • amy teill

      Oh yeah, she didn’t dress up like a skank but went for fat shaming instead! Way better. Good on ya…

      • Jenni

        Is fat shaming among the witch community a big problem?

      • Cecily

        No, but fat shaming in Hollywood is. Your sarcasm is the reason that our patriarchal society can still dictate how a woman’s body should look. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but please don’t deny that fat shaming isn’t a real thing to save your article.

      • Jenni

        Jennifer Lawrence constantly speaks out about having a healthy body image so I don’t think she’s an actress we should accuse of fat shaming.

      • amy teill

        Just because someone does well in some situations doesn’t mean they can’t make a mistake. Brings to mind the excuse “but I can’t be racist I’ve got black friends”. You’re obviously biased, don’t pretend that if this wasn’t Jwoww or Tyra Banks you’d be all over it for fat shaming.

      • z.

        Oh, come on!…..fat shaming?????… girls are really reaching here (LOL) as well as being SUPER oversensitive. I thought the article was cute, funny. Thanks for this story, Jenni. More, please!.

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    • Katherine

      I love her style and all time she wears pretty. To tell the truth I saw her ver cute dress on If you want to see details let’s go on this link