Violet Affleck Yells At The Paparazzi For Following Her Family, Instantly Becomes My Favorite Celebrity Child

If you’re in the mood to feel empowered, look no further than this video of Violet Affleck telling off the paparazzi. After years of seeing this adorable child grow up in front of the camera, it’s amazing to see her actually speak. And not only speak, but also say something incredibly powerful. She may only be 6 and she may only be a few feet tall, but she’s the bravest person you’ll see on the Internet today.

I don’t see any other celebrity children going toe-to-toe with the people stalking their family. (But if  you do see that, please, send my way.)

While I highly encourage you to watch the video yourself, I thought I’d provide the cliffnotes for anyone in a rush.

She’s shopping with her father Ben Affleck and her little sister Seraphina. You know,  just attempting to have a normal day. But as I’m sure is usually the case for this family, the paparazzi won’t stop taking photos. While Papa Ben seems to be fine with it, Violet has no problem stepping up to the plate. When her father stops to talk to a friend, she looks at whoever’s following them and “stop taking photos of us and our dad now.” Then she points her little finger and says, “get out!”

So it’s official, I love her. It’s also (sadly) official that we should stop stalking celebrity kids. They clearly don’t like it. Wahhh wahhhh, there goes my favorite hobby.

(Photo: Icono,

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    • Maggie

      Ahh the mini-Jennifer Garners are so cute! Good for her.

    • Danceforlife08

      aaw they’re so cute and I feel really bad for them! They’re just trying to have a good time and poor Ben is keeping his cool but you can tell he’s frustrated!

    • AlbinoWino

      Under any other context following around a little kid to take photos/video would be something you could be arrested for.

      • Roxy

        Are there no laws in the US for the paparazzi regarding taking pictures of children or child actors? In the UK, the paparazzi are liable to be arrested for taking pictures of any child who is below 18 years of age (in the UK, if the paparazzi intentionally takes pictures of children of celebrities or a child actor, they have to compulsorily blur those pictures. Or face arrest).

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