Kristen Stewart Better Make Snow White More Badass Now That She’s Signed Up For The Sequel

According to insiders who report directly to Radar Online, we now know that Kristen Stewart will return to reprise her role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman 2. And twist, Rupert Sanders will not return to direct. SAY WHAT!? Lolsies. We knew only one could return to that movie set. Sorry Rupert. Better luck next affair.

While I’m thrilled to see that the homewreckin’ Kristen Stewart can still get a job, I am disappointed to see that it’s Snow White. Mostly because I disliked the movie so much.  I left the theater feeling incredibly conflicted. Despite knowing that I was supposed to root for Snow White’s success, I really wanted the evil stepmonster to win. And that’s not just because I love Charlize Theron.

Unlike the incredibly aimless Snow White who willingly languished in imprisonment for years and then depended on the kindness of strangers to survive, Evil Stepmonster Witch took action. From the very beginning of the movie she showed initiative.  She didn’t just wake up one lazy Sunday and think to herself,  ”I’d like to murder a king and take over his empire.” No she created a goal for herself, drew up an action plan and worked toward achieving her desired results.

Goal. Plan. Results. Those are three words that every career women should have in her vocabulary. You can’t get results without a plan. You can’t make a plan without a goal.  That’s just biznass 101. If Snow White and the Huntman  is really happening, I expect to see Snow White pick up a few tips from her captor.

She better stop relying on the Huntsman to do all the work while she sleeps off her coma. Sure she led the troops into battle. But that battle happened during the last 5 minutes of the movie. I want her badassery to start right away this time.

Make it happen K.Stew.

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    • ss

      I am very disappointed that this is her next movie….. I liked SWATH. But I would be thinking, for my next movie (if I was her), an indie or something. A project to build her resume up and/or to work her way up to award winning movies..Im not talking about a stupid popcorn award from MTV movie awards either lol. RP has like 4 movies next year or,so. KS has SWATH2? Wtf

      Now every article out right now (so it seems) or news about KS, is her not having any projects. Or is her career in trouble. Or did the cheating scandal hurt her career or whatever. I am a little worried for her. She has ALOT to prove and seems everyone is badically saying, KS career is in BIG trouble. Especially, people are always comparing her and her career, to someone elses etc. Im rooting for her big time. Everyone doubts her all the time, and always makes fun of her, calls her a bunch of names etc. I hoping she people give her chance. If it was a guy, that cheated on his GF with a married women, his career wouldn’t take a hit. And people would have gotten the hell over it, months,ago. I think she talented, she just needs to work with a great director, good script/movie, to get her there.

      • Petranella

        SS–She is “attached” to Focus, the next Ben Affleck vehicle. Not officially announced yet.
        The story in the webloids that is currently being spun is one of “unemployable” in HW. That is the most interesting and dramatic story. We already witnessed this angle in July and August (dropped out of Cali, “fired” from SWATH2) I am sure Lionsgate/Summit was freaking at first for the potential box office fall out for BD2. Ancient History in HW terms— People in Hollywood NOW are looking at the box office results of BD2 and the massive publicity Kristen received in the last 2-3 weeks which was much less focused on “the scandal” did you notice that? The old adage in HW “There is no bad publicity.” This is what the Insiders are really thinking. IMO. From our standpoint–we see the webloids spin and the negative posters and make conclusions from that, but I see that as having little impact on HW decision makers/power brokers. I think her projects will come together more slowly and methodically, but will definitely be happening.

      • gigi5

        We don’t really have any way of knowing what, or how many, projects she is working on, or what stages they are in. It’s all just rumors so far.

    • Petranella

      I agree Jenni and I hope the film makers don’t waste the opportunity to seize the “feminist” angle–and allow Snow White to Kick serious ass and slay dragons. lol. There is such a potential for the character to have a lot of conflict and adventure.

      • abbeysbooks

        She had such an evil look on her face at the very end. Wow.

    • gigi5

      It’s a great piece of PR, true or not. It’s got me giggling.

      I haven’t done it (yet) but sometimes I get the urge to just start planting rumors all over the internet, just for giggles.

    • guest

      Kristen cheating past will hunt her for the rest of her life.lesson learned next time do it in private.Rob and Liberty the heaven smiled d at them for Kristen and Rupert are both just horny and stupid got caught by the paparazzi.

    • ap

      SWATH again?this movie is the reason why her ego got so big that she thought she just could do whatever she wants with out any repercussions with her actions.she can cheat behind her boyfriend back and backstabbed somebodys wife behind her back.

      • M


    • Guest

      Hey, I thought the cheating scandal was staged to allow her and Rupert to continue to make the SWATH together and making it the biggest money making franchise ever, surpassing both Harry Potter and Twilight. As well as making them the most powerful couple in hollywood. What happen? Man Rupert got screwed if this is true?

    • Peony

      I wish people would start focusing more on Kristen’s work rather than the supposed ‘scandal’ that brought forth a slew of movies for the ‘betrayed’ Heart throb.He is the only one who’s really made a killing from the entire fiasco.I hope Kristen truly kicks ass in the Snow White sequel.Way to go girl,the producers must be eating humble pie(dropping her from the movie and then signing her back on).

    • Soshiloveable

      they fired rutard sanders as the director of the next sequel…

    • Soshiloveable

      hollywood,thank you for twisting those nice childhood cartoons that were not meant to become some badass movie..seriously *sarcasm*