Video: Watch 10 Years Of Kelly Clarkson’s Career In 4 Minutes At The 2012 AMAs

Kelly Clarkson American Music Awards AMAs 2012 performance video "Since U Been Gone" "Stronger" forgot lyrics

The 2012 American Music Awards kicked off with a burning question: What is Kelly Clarkson doing performing? And why is she singing “Miss Independent,” which wasn’t that well-received back in 2003? Still, part of tonight’s performance was a major nostalgia-fest, with stars like Kelly (and Linkin Park) who were famous ten years ago revisiting their fame.

It’s crazy, but it’s been 10 years since Kelly was a contestant on American Idol; Randy Jackson, one of the show’s then-judges, introduced her AMAs performance. It was really sweet how she wore her Idol contestant number even though the rest of her was a far cry from the apple-cheeked brunette who wandered onto the judges’ stage. (Although she loses the number at one point, which made it a little more calculated.) Still, her voice seemed to hold out enough to keep fans psyched as they listened to a medley of her greatest hits—plus, it got her trending on Twitter! That’s how you know that she’s still got a fanbase even though Twitter didn’t even exist during the peak of her career.

There were also new singles like “Catch My Breath,” to keep Kelly relevant. Personally, I prefer stuff like “Stronger,” so I was glad to see her return to those kinds of upbeat, can’t-break-me-down hits. Of course, more than one fan noticed on Tumblr that Kelly missed a few words. It’s not a Kelly Clarkson performance unless she forgets her lyrics, one snarked. Watch the video and see if you can find where she slipped up.

Photo: ubetchakc (Tumblr)

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    • Huh?

      You must have been living under a rock lately to think she “peaked” years ago when the biggest selling single of her career was released as a single in 2012 (Stronger). Kelly has consistent fame, absent of the ebbs and flows of stardom that so many artists fade under. She continues to stay relevant, popular, and is selling singles to this day.

    • Bkwurm1

      Did you seriously ask why she was performing at the Music Awards??? Don’t they usually have like, um, singers who are constantly in the top 40, like, sing? Really weird intro and FYI, Miss Independent came out in 2003 and was a top ten hit. Sure, not my favorite but a legitimate hit.

    • iowaradioguy

      Wow. Biased, much?

    • WindGirlدخترباد♫ღ♫ღ♫

      my fav part of AMA :)

    • steve

      And why is she singing “Miss Independent,” which wasn’t that well-received back in 2003?

      Wasn’t that well received?? That song was #1 on top 40 for 6 weeks in a row!!

    • Genuine

      Natalie Zutter, I think you’re stupid and out of touch with what’s going on in music right now.

    • Jfranks

      What an awful article. Kelly has been around for a decade popping out hits left and right. You really should do your research when you ask about her relevance. She will be around a lot longer and will singing about people who try to bring her down. Ex…you.

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