Chris Brown’s Performance At The AMAs Proves 2012 Is His Comeback Year

After a few very short years of exile from the music community for beating up Rihanna,  Chris Brown returned this year with a vengeance. It’s hard to believe now that his performance at the 2012 Grammys even got questioned.

In the 9 months since his controversial performances during that show, he’s gotten welcomed back by the industry, by fans and by Rihanna. The American Music Awards promoted his performance throughout the week leading up to the show as if he’s just another musical artist we can look forward to seeing perform live. I’m sorry, not just another musical artist. One that they want to highlight as being a special performer.

His exile seemed to get spun by Team Breezy into a cruel and unusual punishment for a mistake he made as a young kid. They justify all his anger toward his haters as being a rational response to being treated so unfairly by the media. He can now do no wrong.

We went from feeling hesitant about his return earlier this year to completely embracing it now. After each performance and each song, I feel like everyone’s getting more and more comfortable openly being his fan. Everyone’s quick to say they don’t like him, but they do, kinda, sorta, maybe really like his music.

I hate him and I hate his career resurgence. I  find him completely unwilling to accept the consequences of beating up his girlfriend or taking the necessary steps to show he’s learned from his “mistake.” Despite being given endless opportunities to redeem himself, to become a role model, to simply tell his impressionable fans that hitting a woman’s wrong, he’s never seemed interested in standing up for what’s right. Not when standing up for himself seemed so much more important.

But the more time passes, the more I feel like people don’t feel this way anymore. I feel like they went to listen to his music guilt-free and they want to put his past in the past. As much as I don’t want to accept his comeback, his controversy-free performance at the 2012 American Music Awards solidified the fact that he’s here to stay.

It sucks and I don’t know what to do about it.

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    • melissa

      Disappointing article! Get over it. We love Chris Brown. HE IS SORRY. Would you rather he lost a limb to prove he is a better person. I hope you write about every other musician and actor that has ever made the same error and got help.

      • Jess McCloskey

        Yes. Is that an option? Can we vote on the limb? Yes. YES.

      • Jenni

        I’d rather he show us that he’s against violence by not dressing up as a terrorist for Halloween.

    • LEBRON

      this is a uneducated and poorly written article. the man has worked with a domestic abuse organization the past three years he’s learned from his mistake and is doing good in this world get the stick out of your ass

      • Jenni

        This is an uneducated and poorly written comment. Try using periods and capitals next time around.

    • fiona

      Go hide under a rock

    • Louisa

      Jenni, do not listen to these people. There is a hideous culture at the moment, and you are right to keep bringing it up. I wouldn’t even care if he worked at a domestic abuse centre for a decade, he beat up someone smaller, lighter, less able to cause damage back, on purpose. He is a bully and a horrific human being. All the work in charity wouldn’t change that. The fact that he doesn’t even seem to care, and the industry doesn’t either, just compounds the message that this is OK. God forbid any of Team Breezy to be on the receiving end of domestic violence, or to know someone who is, but this permissive culture makes that more, not less, likely. Hope you can listen to his god-awful music with a clear conscience

      • Rihanna fan

        In rihanna’s voice ‘ it aint nobody’s bidness but me and my baby’ end of

      • Louisa

        I’m sorry, but that’s simply not true. It’s everyone’s business when you are high profile and giving out the message that this behaviour is acceptable. If someone is being racist against another race apart from my own, I’m still allowed to be offended, regardless of whether that counts as ‘my business’. If Rihanna wants to carry on an abusive relationship, she can, but she can hardly expect others to want to point out to young, easily-influenced individuals that this behaviour is not condoned by society

    • SeekTheTruth27

      I want to feel Chris Brown inside of me.

    • nikki

      He only owes the person he hurt an apology..From the looks of it.She seem to forgave him..When you do wrong you go to that person not the world..Why would any of these artist be a role model if you got people you can talk to and your family to be your role model..He doesnt have to prove anything to me..I have no heaven or hell. the writer of this article and commenters are more anger than Rihanna.and she is the one who suffered the most..But yet she hanging all over him while you ranting..

      • Jenni

        He has the ability to make a difference in the lives of young people who believe there’s nothing wrong with domestic abuse. Instead he makes an album titled “Forgiving All My Enemies.” He’s lucky enough to have a career where people listen to him, so I think he’s morally obligated to say something that’s worth hearing.

      • abbeysbooks

        Brown matters very little when Fifty Shades is the best selling book EVER. It is a manual to be followed to promote sexual addiction, to enslave a woman sexually, to allow an easier more legal way to “sell” her into sexual slavery. If you think it is not going to be used this way, you are blind. This is why no one censors Brown. He is just a more ruthless Fifty but the DeSadean desire is still there. This is what all our PC feminism has led to with our fantasy that we control our own bodies. If you don’t believe me, take some time off and read the fanfic porn and see what your body does to you. You don’t own it. It’s not yours.

      • gigi5

        There are also plenty of examples in fanfiction of males dominated. Perhaps that’s the next layer.

      • abbeysbooks

        I think you are right. The PC Feminist party line has emasculated men, and women can’t find any. They are afraid to flirt (sexual harassment), go on a coffee break to get to know you better, afraid in general kof approaching women. Look at Rupert. All he did was desire a desirable young woman and look how that turned out! We don’t even know if he did anything but look as if he desired her!Hardwicke told Rob to Not Romance Kristen as she was only 17 and he could go to jail. At the same time Michael Angarano was the same age as Rob and had been with her for 3 years. Was it because MA had done movies with Catherine that she warned Rob off. Evidently she scared him as he did until her 18th birthday. Jail Bait. What a difference 1 day can make in your life following the legal caveats.

      • Petranella

        That is such a stereotype about Feminists emasculating men. Feminists being blamed for societies ills, I am weary of that. And I don’t know how RS fits into that either!!

      • abbeysbooks

        Of course it has. White male writers have a difficult time as women writers have taken over. Men can no longer flirt in the office without undergoing the danger of sexual harassment. David Mamet wrote a play about this as regards professors and students with 2 different endings. And 50 Shades has sold more books than any other author. Women want that kind of man to feel sexually turned on. If they didn’t the books wouldn’t be such a sensation. If in the “real” world that kind of guy – like 50 – exists in the D/s community the BSDM community. I am not saying James books are great because they sell and make so much money. I am just saying they are a socialogical Event addressing symptoms. Women who have low sex drive, men who don’t know how to excite a woman, virgins, older women who have concentrated on careers, all sorts of women and men with different agendas. Multi millions are reading 50 which came out of Twilight. It was promoted out of Twilight. It was promoted by Rob and Kristen/ Bella and Edward, all out of Twilight. TDwilight was/is a “CUT” in the history of sexuality that opened in the 12th century and closed up with the Pill – somewhat. Now all stops are pulled and all bets down. Do you think Chris Brown would have been tolerated 5-10 years ago? He is a crude version of 50. Even here in the Ozarks there are now reported cases of women held by men as sex slaves “that don’t want to prosecute” so they are stymied.

      • Petranella

        It’s not nearly as one sided as you are saying. Plenty of men still do sexually harass. The stereotype is that all women want this or the other end of the spectrum that Women are overly sensitive about it because they are to conditioned by the evils of feminism. Both are over generalizing sterotypes. There are many occasions where Men are giving sexual attention to women that is UN wanted. Many men are overly aggressive and don’t know when to walk away, or how to let a woman know they are attracted to them (flirt) with a more subtle approach. I have had men bitch me out calling me stuck up in public because I politely declined a date or a drink with them.

        I understand David Mamet’s play and of course those situations happen with individual women. This does not mean that men are now living in some of kind of dreadfully hostile environment. give me a break!

      • abbeysbooks

        I just think women now have it very difficult. I should get around to doing that Atlantic Monthly article on this problem. When coeds routinely get falling down drunk so they can get laid something is off somewhere.

      • Petranella

        That is called the wrong idea of what empowerment is. That is called thinking that showing off the goods always means you are “in charge”

      • abbeysbooks

        Obviously you have not read the article and do not know what I am talking about.

      • Jenni

        Your ability to work Rob and Kristen into every conversation never ceases to amaze me.

      • abbeysbooks

        You have any other suggestions as to how to communicate with this demographic. Don’t tell me other celebrities as I do not want to go there. Zizek does it through media. He does Lacan through Hitchcock. Diane Rubenstein a feminist you would adore, now a prof at Cornell, does it through American Presidents. Just read her This Is Not A President which you will love and laugh at all the way through and you won’t mind a bit about the philosophy and scholarship, which is impeccable. I dare you!

      • abbeysbooks

        Damn it you have the ability to make an enormous difference here, and you aren’t doing it. Why should he have to do what you won’t do.

      • Jenni

        I’m asking him to stop advocating violence to his millions of impressionable fans. You’re usually asking me to read about philosophers and apply what they say to Kristen Stewart’s career choices. I’m not seeing the comparison.

      • abbeysbooks

        Don’t worry. You will. Just give yourself time.

    • ARose

      You “don’t know what to do about it”? How about move the hell on?? Rihanna has. Let’s all follow her lead.

    • LMFAO!

      All you people talking about he should publically apologize are stupid. he is not obligated to apologize to anyone but rihanna, but he has. And even if he did it again and again you would not care. What you guys don’t seem to understand is tht what happened is in his personal life and his music is his career, that is why regardless of what he did people will still listen to him.. also in all honesty no one want to hear his sad domestic violence story over and over, not us not rihanna not him. It was sad but ones mistakes do not define a person. I mean all you guys who sympathize for rihanna make these post talking about it when in reality she jus wants to move on. You can’t say he is or is not sorry because yu don’t know him. You all sounds quite stupid in my opinion. MOVE ON. For you, his, and rihannas sake.

    • Archer

      I think it’s great that the writer of this article is bringing awareness to an issue still very much alive and well. Domestic Violence is not something to be taken lightly. However, I also find it type sad that the writer of this article didn’t take the time to do a little research on Chris Brown in the past few years. Yes, he still does ridiculous things like dress as the Taliban with his cousins on Halloween and he swears a lot and he smokes weed a lot (heaven forbid), but never once was it mentioned that he does in fact help out at LA’s Jenesse Center (if you’re not keen on google, well it’s a domestic violence intervention center. They help women and children who are victims of DV) and he’s been doing so since late 2009, despite all the recent new found media coverage of it this year. But since he doesn’t blatantly make it a statement that he and his family have been helping and donating to this center with PSAs for upset bloggers, it means he’s not sorry? Please. He doesn’t owe anyone anything except for Rihanna. DV shouldn’t be taken lightly, but if you can only pinpoint what he’s done bad and refuse to acknowledge what he has done right, then silly you in that glass house. You sound ridiculous now, very bitter, and upset that someone could possibly make a 360 (or is trying to) and refuses to say “Buy my album, OH BUT NEVER FORGET I HIT RIHANNA…I’m SORRY ABOUT THAT….STILL…SO….YEAH.” If life worked that way, then half of us would have yet to move on with our lives. The victim has moved on and that is the point where everyone else should as well. Not to say, one has to buy his albums because it means you’re a fan, but stop trying to drag him into the mud when others have learned that is not 2009 anymore and you can’t continue make him the poster child forever. And I’m glad he’s trying to make a difference (even though, like most twenty somethings with large heaps of money [or not] he does silly things that make us roll our eyes every now again) and refusing to let people continue to shame him when he’s clearly trying to grow up. The solution is simple and it is to stop worrying about him and stop writing articles about him whining because now the people who are pressing the 2009 ChrisBrown/Rihanna issue as if he has not tried to right his wrongs are now the minority. Get over HIM, not the issue of Domestic Violence, but he as an abuser who has rehabilitated his life, and move on. There are better things to write about besides the same argument every time an award show features him as a performer or anything else. His personal life is not his music and if that WAS the case then half of your favorite artists would be flipping burgers at the nearest McDonalds because of such. I just find it silly that you refuse to acknowledge what good he’s done; it’s actually pathetic.