Real Housewives Of Miami: Who Is Thomas Kramer?

If you watched The Real Housewives of Miami last night, you are probably wondering one thing: who the hell is Thomas Kramer? Last night, he and Karent Sierra hosted a dinner party for all the Housewives. You know, for convenience — so they don’t have to fight over the phone. It’s a lot easier to film when they’re all raging at each other over one table. Alexia Echevarria wasn’t there, but everyone else was, and they were ready to go at it. They’d already gotten warmed up at Lisa Pliner’s party, where Elaine Lancaster chased Marysol Patton through the halls to try to have a confrontation with her, and Joanna Krupa and Adriana De Moura kissed on the cheek as if they hadn’t been in a cagematch brawl just days ago.

So we were going into this dinner party pretty hot, especially since the host was Karent, who got ganged up on at the last party, to the point that Ana Quincoces actually said that every piece of this season’s drama was in some way traceable back to her. SO. Lights up on a party! It’s a Thomas Kramer’s house, and since I don’t know anything about him yet, I’ll tell you my first impression, which was that he was a kindly old gay man with a lot of money and a sharp tongue.

The gay part was apparently my first incorrect assumption, and the kindly part was my second. Elsa Patton speculated that Karent and Thomas are sleeping together, or if they’re not, she wants to be. For his part, Thomas spent the whole day cooking, and that was where his contributions as a good host came to an end. This is a man who keeps a bell near his plate at dinner, and had no qualms last night about shaking it in Ana’s face when she wouldn’t be quiet right away. This is a man who was insulting Romain, who is the fiance of someone who’s a guest in his home. And of course, that guest happens to be Joanna, so you’re lucky she didn’t try to drown you in some vodka fountain deep in the recesses of your basement. He made a rude comment about Lisa Hochstein‘s boobs, and even got loud with Elsa, screaming at her that she was almost at her expiration date and needed to sit down and shut up. Oh no you did not just call Mama Elsa an overripe fruit. Only I get to do that.

This guy was born in Germany and is 55 years old. The very rich part I got right, as he’s described as real estate investor and venture capitalist, and was estimated to have made $30 million at the downturn of the German economy…way back in 1987. But you actually don’t need to know all that. All you need to know is that he’s a crazy old pseudo straight(?) man who screams at his guests until he’s red in the face, with a lot of money and a stripper pole at his table.

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    • Kristin Dorfman Mullah

      What an ASSHOLE!!!!

      • italiano bambino


    • disgrazia4

      Oh, this oily, gluttonous scoundrel definitely has straight tendencies and violent ones too. Miami Times has been writing about him for years.

    • REM

      ….and his horrible behavior is tolerated because he has money…please….

    • viciouscircle

      Other than Ana, the way these women cowered to this creepy rapist was disgusting.. Lea is a pathetic creature if this man and the he/she Elaine are her friends. They are both poor excuses of humanbeings, much less friends.. They make me feel like I need a shower after I see them in action.. And I don’t approve of violence but something about Karent makes you want to punch her!!

      • mm

        I agree with every part of this comment. He is SO misogynistic, Ana is now 100% my favorite. The others were absolutely pathetic for not only succumbing to him but for standing up to him. SO GROSS.

      • mm

        standing up FOR him**

    • American Woman

      I would have walked out of that dinner party on the heels of Ana. He is beyond horrible; and scary too.

    • Disgusted

      He is a mysogonistic nazi!!! Off with his old man balls!

    • El

      What an ugly piece of old german knock worst he is!! If he did not have money, he would have no friends !! Dumbass!!

    • chris stark

      Thomas Kramer made his $ stealing it from his father in law…. Kramer is also a rapist AND

      Kramer is a pedophile (boy) n rapists besides a thief. = see my tweets

      Kramer business that he tried to start on his own failed = wallstreet trader, night clubs = club hell… etc…

      • Steven

        wow! despicable. and he still tries to justify his actions and blame Bravo via his blog and says he thought Ana was “part of the crew.”

    • WK

      Not his first time on RH … he was on RHOA as Kim’s “good friend”, after the bus ride from hell. You know the one … where Nene and Kim almost killed each other? Thomas Kramer’s house is where all of the girls met and hosted Cynthia’s bridal shower with a male stripper …

    • Lera

      A lot of what has happened at Thomas Kramer’s house was really misconstrued. Want to know what really happened at Thomas Kramer’s dinner party? Read up his full encounter on his website. It’s really interesting to know what happens behind the scenes especially when a two hour dinner party gets edited to 8 minutes of absolute mayhem.

      • Steven

        Seriously? Have you googled his name or know anything about him? No amount of editing could justify his actions/behavior. I wouldn’t believe this guy even if he paid me! Don’t believe everything you read, especially from such a scummy person.

      • chelsea

        WOW you must be that ignorant or your an abused woman who needs to get some help and see the fact that men should not treat women that way. feel sorry for u honey

    • Jennie

      I thought I liked Lea after the first season, but all of her ‘high-society’ friends are classless and rude. I remember Thomas Kramer from the Atlanta season, and I didn’t care for him then either but I guess this is his new job to make the rounds on all the housewives shows. I missed this episode of “The Real Housewives of Miami” because I had to go into work at DISH. I’m really bad with setting daily timers on my DISH Hopper so I decided to record the entire season. I have over 400 hours of HD DVR room so I’m not worried about missing an episode. I can’t wait to get home and caught up on this dinner party situation it sounds like this was one of the most interesting episodes of the season.

    • caballogrande

      This scene proved the fact that in Miami, no matter how ugly, vulgar, or low class you are, money will make you a star. Comparing him to Hugh Hefner was an insult to Hugh Hefner. Forgetting the misogyny and the fact that someone with his cash couldn’t come up with anything better than a Brady Bunch fondu, I was struck by the fact that he invited the Housewives over with their cameras and then got mad they started talking about their argument, i.e. doing what they do for the show…what was he expecting? That’s like inviting Obama and Romney over and then telling them not to talk about politics. And what was the alternative? Was there any sparkling conversation going on from him? Was he initiating intellectual discussions? That dinner scene to me was to shocking that I don’t even remember the rest of the show.

    • FigiandDubai

      This guy is an absolute douche and the way these idiots idiolize this moron is pathetic and embarrassing. Ana obviously excluded . And it says he is born 1957??? Are you kidding I would have guessed 1937 There is NO way this man is in his 50′s he looks like he has already reached his expiration date!

    • Bettina Kozlowski

      He’s the only intentionally funny thing in this show about train wrecks. Thanks, Thomas, for the laughs

    • Patricia

      He was arrested for allegedly molesting a 13 year old boy his name…yuck

    • chelsea

      absolutely disgusting how that man (if you can even call him that) acted and how he treated those women. He obviously hates women and it shows. I cannot believe that none of the other women defending the victims of his malicous attack, I guess kissing a rich mans ass is more important than traeting your friends with loyalty and respect.