Classic Kristen Stewart: Changes Out Of Red Carpet Dress Before Leaving Premiere

We’re now hours away from the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part Two premiere and I can hardly believe it. After months of obsessing over the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, we’ll finally have some sort of closure.  At least when it comes to their vampire alter egos, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

As far as closure for the cheating scandal that rocked our nation, I don’t know. I’m just not optimistic enough to say we’ll ever have closure when it comes to that. At least not until Liberty Ross writes a tell-all memoir one day that explains exactly how everything went down. And by one day, I mean by Chanukah 2012. The holiday’s not complete without a quality current memoir wrapped up nicely under the menorah.

But that’s neither here nor there today. Not on Premiere Eve! No, today’s all about K.Stew and R.Pattz and love and sparkles and werewolf love triangles. Oh, and the fact that Kristen Stewart pulled a classic Kristen Stewart by changing out of her red carpet outfit and into jeans and sneakers at the London premiere.

To top off her transformation from movie-star-chic to typical-teen-angst, her bomber jacket read said “God loves ugly” on the back.

So even though the saga’s coming to an end, it’s nice to know we’ll always have Kristen Stewart’s aversion to wearing heels for an entire evening.

Just a small comfort to get us through the end of an era.


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    • Ana

      I’d like to let things pretty clear here. WE, fans, can understand that people make mistakes that they feel sorry later. And we don’t need any kind of explanation from ANYBODY. I’m sure poor ‘journalists’ like you will always make sure to remember the public about those things that happened in july, ’cause you treat those people like products, not human beings. Things can happen with all of us, and I’m pretty sure that no one would like to be remembered about their mistakes in EVERY single oportunity.

      • gigi5

        Yes. Jenni, remember that time in second grade when you kissed a boy? I saw you!

      • Jenni

        Please. How much must I pay you keep this a secret?? If this gets out, it will ruin everything. EVERYTHING!!!

      • gigi5

        If you watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas 5 times, the part about his heart growing, I will try to keep this from google search.

      • abbeysbooks

        Nice reply. But Kristen didn’t cheat, didn’t make a mistake and to keep perpetuating this even as it is denied dimply increases the tendency to keep legs on the story. I am guilty also. What is needed is to keep adding the fact that the pictures were seriously photoshopped and never took place at all. Proof:

    • SGB

      I can’t help but laugh at how seriously some people take these stories!

      • Jenni


    • lillicat

      Hey Jenni- You are always a riot. I’m not sure why this was not made clear; but Kristen’s stunning Zahair Murad jumpsuit was auctioned off at the premiere with the proceeds to go to Hurricane Sandy Relief. I thought you might be happy to hear that since it may effect you at least indirectly. She had to remove it before they left the venue, because of the logistics with the flight to Madrid. BTW, those were Rob’s pants. Don’t try to tell me you didn’t recognize them!!!! Hahaaaaaa…!

    • lillicat

      This worn worn on the runway with a belt. I’m so glad Kristen opted forgo that.

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    • Peony

      Thing is people want to believe that Kristen cheated so that they can justify their feelings of jealousy/hatred/envy/etc towards her.I dont know anything about her personal life but from what i have read in her interviews she comes across as a vulnerable,honest and impulsive kid.I hope she signs on good interesting projects and grows as an actress as well .