Crowdsourcing: What Questions Should Crushable Asks Amy Poehler When We Get A PERSONALIZED AMY POEHLER VIDEO?!

Christmas has come early this year, folks! We’ve gotten the amazingly awesome opportunity to interview our celebrity-be-my-big-sister crush Amy Poehler. 

If you’ve ever read Crushable, you know how obsessed we are with Amy Poehler. Sure, it we might have crossed over into borderline stalker status, but we’re okay with that. In fact we’re so okay with stalking the Parks & Rec star that we feel comfortable doing a little Amy Poehler dancing right now. Just enough to get over-the-top jazzed about this opportunity. Now that Crushable is branching out into video (You can subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE and watch our Taryn Southern videos HERE), we’re getting a 1-on-1 with THE Ms. Amy Poehler.

We already thought it a gift from God to learn that Amy and fellow funny girl Tina Fey would be hosting the 2013 Golden Globes, and this just blows that out of the water. There are about a million reasons why we wish Amy Poehler was our best friend, aside from how hilariously and wonderfully talented she is at everything she does. I mean, just look at this face:

Since we know that this love for Amy Poehler is shared by our readers, we thought we’d ask you what questions you wanted Amy to answer. Maybe you’re dying to know what her and Tina have up their sleeves for the Golden Globes, or maybe you want some real life advice (did you know that Amy actually gives the best advice on her web series Ask Amy).

Whatever your questions, we’re open to hearing them! In fact, we’ll submit our favorite questions from the comment section on this post to Amy so she can answer them. Yep, that’s right, I dropped the Poehler. Now that we’re getting personal access to her, we thought it would only be appropriate to pretend that we’re on a first name basis. Psyched about this opportunity to speak to the world’s most wonderful woman? Leave your questions in the comment section below. We’ll choose the best for Ames to answer.

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    • Jessica

      Yes!!!! I want to know, as someone who does improv, if she ever had anxiety/stage freight that she would have a bad show or not make people laugh (although I doubt that’s possible!) while doing improv. I get that anxiety all the time, and it sometimes keeps me from doing shows, and I would love to know how she dealt with it! I need life advice!

    • Ilaria
    • Mollie

      How perfect is Adam Scott in real life?

    • nio

      Would you dive in a pool of falafel or shawarma? I´m not sure myself, so I need another opinion.

    • Sophie

      Do you prefer NY or California?

    • Jamie Palmatier

      Does she enjoy meeting fans or does it became a hassle?

      Sincerely, Jamie (a big fan who loves you like whoa)

    • Becky Nunnally

      #1-Do you think you should go with your gut and believe it if you think you’re meant for comedy or do you think you should go with logic and weigh the probabilities?

      #2- (Just for dumb fun) When did you first dye your hair and was it at Big Hair?

    • Riley

      What are her thoughts on running for President? Poehler 2016

      Also, advice to young actors?

    • Angi

      What do you do when you are adrift in life and have no clue what you want to do with the rest of it?