Matthew McConaughey Officially Wins Most Horrifying Celebrity Transformation Of The Year

Holy shit. What is going on the set of The Dallas Buyer’s Club that’s making Matthew McConaughey look like a zombie’s red-headed step-sister. Like everyone else, I’ve watched his descent into dieting madness for his role as an HIV-infected man in the 1980s. But now it’s gone too far.


Lord Jesus! Between Anne Hathaway eating dried oatmeal paste and Matthew McConaughey eating the souls of young children, it’s starting to becoming shockingly clear that we’ve let things get too far. This is a man who once looked like this:

Now he looks like this:

AHHH! Real Monsters! It wasn’t just a ’90s TV show. It’s now our lives. We’ve turned our celebrities into monsters. How can we reverse this? And how can we do it fast? Oscars be damned, I need my Matthew McConaughey back.

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    • ss

      He needs a burger and fries seriously!…. I hope all of his hard work to look like a skeleton, gets him an oscar nom in 2014. I was going too say skeletor, but even skeletor had more “meat” on him, than Matthew M does now.

    • hkjonus

      This is the kind of role he should have done earlier in his career. He’s another pretty boy like Ben Affleck, who is also just as boring, conservative and always wants to wear a suit.

      • Jenni

        Did you see the Paperboy? It scared me away from encouraging him to do serious roles.

      • abbeysbooks

        The problem with present day movies is the more radical the transformation the better the actor is perceived to be. Our actors are acclaimed and rewarded for all sorts of skills ordinary people are living with their own lives: emaciation; obesity; deafness; stuttering; blindness (Jane Wyman); ballet dancing; boxing; wrestling; stunts; shall I go on?

        This is not acting or rather it has become what people think it is, a counterfeit. Soon it will become a simulacrum when no one remembers original acting.

        Yoshi Oida can stand before you very still and all the expressions you have ever seen on any human face wash over his face like water, a waterfall of faces, each one melting into the following one. It is one of the most astounding performances you will ever see.

        Oida can stand before you and become FAT! In a heartbeat he can become old and emaciated. and all he is doing is standing there. Oida is NO trained in Japan, was Peter Brook’s theatre director for 2 decades, and now teaches workshops for actors in NYC. He also acts in theatre and film. Youtube him for just pieces of his genius.

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