Real Housewives Of Miami: Adriana De Moura Is The Actual Devil

I wasn’t positive at first, but the more I watch The Real Housewives of Miami, the more I’m convinced that Adriana De Moura-Sidi is the actual devil. I mean seriously, this woman is out of her mind. She hides it reasonably well just by virtue of being an attractive person — shiny hair and skinny and all that — so for some reason my brain assumes that when she opens her mouth, true things come out. But as is becoming more and more clear, that is never ever the case.

Last week she punched — yes, punchedJoanna Krupa. She didn’t slap her or push her, she reached out with her tiny clenched goblin first and hit her in the face. Granted, she was certainly provoked by Joanna, to a certain extent, but if I punched every girl who got drunk and loud and in my face, I’d wake up with self-inflicted bruises on the regular. And it wasn’t even the punch itself that was so scary, it was the look on her face. It was like she had a contest with herself to see how many veins she could make bulge out while showing all her teeth at the same time. And I didn’t get the final counts, but I know that she won.

So this week, Alexia Echevarria pretended that she had good intentions when she invited over all the ladies to bury their differences. They hadn’t talked as a group since the fight at Lisa Hochstein‘s house, and many of the women were still super pissed at Karent Sierra for the article that was attributed to her. In it, I guess she called all the Housewives Botoxed brainless gossip-mongers or something similar. She says she was misquoted, but I hope she wasn’t, because that description is pretty dead-on in a lot of cases. Regardless, Karent was suspicious when Alexia invited her over, as well she should’ve been, because all the ladies were ready to jump down her throat.

It started with Marysol Patton complaining about the article and not letting Karent get a word in edgewise, but the conversation quickly got hijacked by a fight between Adriana and Joanna. Again. Adriana is somehow insisting that she didn’t hit Joanna, and pretending like she wants to move on even while insulting Joanna in Spanish while seated right next to her. She has a problem with the way she looks, the way she dresses…and she’s pretty fond of calling Joanna a whore, even though there’s a fairly crucial difference between having a fiancee and selling your body for money. At least in my limited experience. She’s also insulting Karent directly to her face, saying her smile is ‘like the Joker’ and ‘not normal’. Definitely things rational, mature adults say to each other in public.

Bottom line, Adriana is out of her mind — a petty, rude, manipulative, spoiled, trash-talker. She’s doing a good job right now of deflecting the attention off herself and fixing it on Karent, but I’m hoping that at some point she’ll be taken to task on her crazy. Sigh. Maybe next week.

In other news, Joanna played in a celebrity volleyball tournament and made up with her fiancee Romain, Ana Quincoces is moving out of her shared office with her ex-husband, and Lea Black buried her dog, LeRoy. But who cares about any of that when Satan goes to dinner parties, amirite?

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    • WintourStorm

      WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT WROTE THIS ARTICLE? It borders on a defamation of character lawsuit against you and this website.

      Are you just a moron to write such a statement calling someone the actual devil in print?

      To make a statement that someone punched someone else when you were not even there. Adriana did not punch anyone. She turned around and slapped a drunken crazy woman (Joanna Krupa) who came after her.

      Ask any of the other true witnesses who were in attendance that night. Joanna did and said a lot worse that night that viewers did not see.

      Please, just stop picking on Adriana when you clearly do not know what you are talking about.

      • mermer

        Are you serious? Have you not seen the show. Adriana is offensive dramatic and needs to come down to earth about her looks.

      • mer mer

        gave it a second thought. i was being to harsh. shes def attractive and obviously smart…but i dont think she should have dissed redheads. i have red hair and that just made me pissed.

      • CeeJay

        Bwahahahaha…Adriana is not the devil. She is a Brazilian lunatic. One of these episodes I fully expect to see her head spin around her neck ala Linda Blair. This woman is either suffering from hormonal imbalance or she is just whackadoo. Oh, and yes, she is crazy jealous about Joanna and the fact that she is so successful in her own right. The only success Adriana has found outside of her relationship with a fiance she does not want to marry, has been sleeping on the floor of her faux art gallery. Sorry she got dumped by her first husband, but come on now, would you stay married to that lunatic? Hello…….? I didn’t think so.

    • Bravo is my vice

      It’s quite obvious Adriana is jealous of Joanna (Joanna is much more genuine and attractive than she…and we all know she’d ditch the old French skipper in a heartbeat if she ever had a chance with Romain–although that would never happen). Marysol–how does someone in public relations not comprehend that it will not improve your image to talk incessantly and defensively on a tv show about how someone called you a name? It would have been so much more respectable and in good character to shrug off the article and take the high road, demonstrating you are confident enough to know those words don’t accurately describe you. Adriana, Alexia, and Ana come across on the show as such miserable drama queens, they are perfect company for one another. I sincerely pity those three, but Adriana is by far the most pathetic. She is so unhappy with her own life that she feels compelled to put down the women she so deeply envies.

    • cindermaggi

      Amazing someone agrees with me. Lol!

    • ahuuuuert

      Joann deserve to be punched. SHE IS HATEFULL and always wants to be the DRUNK victim, when you run your mouth all night the way JOANNA did nothing good will come out of that. BITCH SLAP is what she was asking for. SUCH pretty face but hatefull heart.