The 3 Best Rebounds For Justin and Selena Now That They Are Broken Up

For Justin:

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Taylor Swift

I would love this. You guys have no idea how much I would enjoy waking up every day to read about the gossip and drama surrounding a Justin/Taylor relationship. Both of them are on the rebound, so this would work out nicely AND Taylor is one of Selena’s closest friends, so the drama would be insane. Since Taylor only dates guys who are way older or way younger than her, Justin would be a great match. He’s a little immature and when they break up, she could make TONS of money on a song written about him.

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 A Victoria’s Secret Model

Since his break up with Selena, Justin has been hanging out with Victoria’s Secret models like Barbara Palvin and tweeting photos of their trysts. Dating a Victoria’s Secret model would be a huge cliché, but you can’t blame Justin. What 18-year-old boy wouldn’t want to date a hot girl who parades around in sexy lingerie? I just hope whichever models he decides to date can handle threats from Beliebers.

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Honey Boo Boo Child

To me, Justin and Honey Boo Boo have the same level of maturity. He could give her tips about being a good performer on stage for her pageants, and she could give him tips about how to be likeable and awesome in interviews since I think he comes off pretty douchey. I’m sure when they are sitting by the fire eating fondue, Honey Boo Boo would love dipping tons of different things in the cheese: apples, bread, furniture, Justin. She’s wacky ya’ll.

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