In Honor Of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Let’s Relive The Saga’s Best Moments

The Wedding

Everything about the wedding scene was perfect: the dress, the song, the location. As a lover of the books, this was the one moment I prayed would not be messed with. I was not disappointed. While I was positively loved the entire scene, I’m pretty sure I cried when Bella asked her dad Charlie not to leave her side and he responded “never.” Best Dad Of All Time award winner right there.

Bella & Edward Dancing In Rio 

With all the sexy dancing, beautiful lights and infectious music, I have never wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro with my vampire husband more. Also, Edward speaking Portuguese is almost too much to handle. Aside from the unexpected vomiting due to an equally unexpected pregnancy, it looks like Bella and Edward had the best honeymoon ever.

Bella’s Transformation

The final 10 seconds of Breaking Dawn Part 1 are easily some of the best of the saga.  There should be a picture of Bella’s eyes — after her transformation to vamp — next to the definition of “badass” in the dictionary. I’m pretty sure that if wearing red contacts were acceptable, I would totally do it. As the final scene, it made waiting a full year for the next installment to come out almost impossible. Thank Stephanie Meyer and the rest of the Twilight gods there are only a few days left!

Are any of these your favorites? Do you think I missed one? Let me know!


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