All The Relationship Advice You Need For Dealing With Overbearing Parents And Friend Drama

Gurl Ask A Naked Guy dealing with friend drama Sexy Times with Gurl Sarah Hoots convincing parents you're old enough to date

Last week, we talked about what to do when your parents don’t really like your boyfriend. But how about actually getting to the point where your parents trust you to date at all? And if you thought winning over your parents was tough for the two times a year they see your beau, imagine how difficult it can be to make your friends get along with your guy lest you have to hang out with both groups separately! Thankfully, the folks at Gurl have all the answers to both dilemmas.

In this episode of Sexy Times with Gurl, Sarah Hoots walks you through how to convince your parents you’re mature enough to go on dates with boys. When I was in high school, my parents had a very strict rule of no one-on-one dates til I was 16; group dates were OK for 15. As it turned out, I was 16 before I got my first boyfriend, so that point was moot. But if you’re a preteen with butterflies in your stomach from your crush, you don’t want to feel like you can’t get to know him better. Sarah lays out great advice on how to respect your parents’ anxieties but also think of fun ways to go on dates without making your folks stay up late waiting for you to come home.

Then on Ask A Naked Guy, Kate and Mari call on Naked Dan and his umbrella for advice on dealing with petty friends. While my buddies and roommates don’t always think I have good taste in men, at least they’ve never done what Dan went through—immature behavior like dumping sand on him and his sleeping girlfriend. Again, it’s all a matter of perspective and understanding where both sides are coming from. Dan also gets faced with the ultimate question: If he had to choose between the two, would he rather hang out with his girlfriend or his friends?

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