Stockholm Wins By Putting Up Posters Of Beaten-Up Rihanna Before Chris Brown Concert

Chris Brown concert Stockholm Sweden posters Rihanna beat up face Reddit win abusePlenty of people seem to have forgiven Chris Brown for beating up girlfriend Rihanna in 2009: Team Breezy is stronger than ever, he’s still winning Grammys and VMAs, and Rihanna herself has welcomed him back as a collaborator and possibly boyfriend. But there’s one population who hasn’t forgotten: Sweden.

Brown is supposed to play a concert in Stockholm on November 19th, despite opposition from other performing artists. Since the powers that be refuse to cancel the show, Stockholm citizens have taken it upon themselves to remind us exactly what Brown is capable of. One Redditor noticed that people have plastered posters featuring Rihanna’s bruised and bloodied face all over the city:

Chris Brown concert Stockholm Sweden posters Rihanna beat up face Reddit win abuse

One Redditor pointed out that if she were a victim of abuse, she wouldn’t want to see her face plastered all over a city (and now, by extension, the internet), but for the most part commenters seemed to agree that Rihanna and Brown are public figures. After all, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the photos of the damage; they were leaked with the police report back in 2009. Still, it’s a chilling reminder of the full extent of Brown’s violence and only serves to reiterate our belief that Brown should be in prison.

This follows a similar, though less graphic, stunt a few months back when people in England marked up Brown’s new CDs with stickers that read WARNING: Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women. It’s encouraging to see that people are unwilling to sweep this under the rug. Normally we wouldn’t condone bullying, but one could argue that Brown deserves this public humiliation, especially when he doesn’t seem to feel any remorse over the attack.

So, Sweden for the win today. Of course, the utter irony here is that Stockholm is the city that inspired the syndrome that Rihanna is likely feeling, if her new song “Nobody’s Business” is any indication.

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    • DGAF

      The concert is still going on and its almost sold out. So who won? Chris? Or the people who wasted money printing out posters and wasted time hanging them up, only for the show to still happen? Oh ok

    • JMatlock

      Even when you try to put the past behind you and try to move forward, people will try to hold your mistakes against you. It is important to never forget the past. The intentions of those who seek to discredit you, though they may be negative, only serve to remind you of your mistakes and help to prevent repeating them. For your transgressions, how would you hold up under the flippant scrutiny of the mass media and social vigilantes seeking to crucify you? Congratulations Chris Brown for continuing to persevere.