Why Did Brad Pitt Ruin World War Z To Make This Crappy Zombie Action Movie?

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I wanted to like the World War Z trailer, I really did. I know that I’ve bitched and moaned about how Brad Pitt‘s new movie completely ignores the book it’s based on, and how preposterous it is that the screenwriters created an entirely new character for Brad (Gerry Lane) instead of going with the original narrator. But when the trailer went online last night, I was still somewhat optimistic that Brad could sell this story with at least a little of the engagement and commentary that first drew me to Max Brooks‘ novel a few years ago.

But this movie looks ridiculous, in the worst possible way. Some background: World War Z the book is about Max Brooks (agent of the UN Postwar Commission) interviewing survivors of the zombie apocalypse to see where we went wrong. World War Z the movie is about the zombie apocalypse right as it’s happening. Meaning, it’s just like every other zombie movie. In fact, judging from the trailer it also looks like a mash-up of Battleship (Gerry winds up on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean), The Bourne Identity (he’s the only man who can stop the zombies!), and The Mummy (his wardrobe).

It really feels like the writers shoehorned in Brad as some zombie action hero, but now the film looks so unrealistic I’m not interested. It’s not like 28 Days Later or I Am Legend where there’s one guy who’s found a way to survive. While the dead are rising, the government’s all, “Hey, Gerry, d’you mind leaving your wife and kids to pilot helicopters and drive trucks through the hordes of zombies? For some reason, you’re the only guy who can save the world.” Sigh.

Really, though, I shouldn’t blame Brad. It’s clear from the endless reshoots and mishandling of this project that he’s just as stuck in it as the rest of us are. In fact, it’s worse for him because his name is attached to this project. We can choose whether or not we go see it, but it’s gonna be immortalized as one of the misses of his film career.

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    • Amy

      Ugh. On the one hand, I’m excited because I devour all things zombie, but you’re right in that they could have had this Brad Pitt movie be “just another zombie movie.” World War Z was such an interesting book because of its interview concept and taking us around the world to show us other’s experiences. I was super excited at how it could be interpreted into a film and this doesn’t seem to be an interpretation at all.

    • WWZ. Ruined.

      No, blame Brad. The film’s production company is Plan B. Guess who owns Plan B?

    • Sarah

      I’m really sad about this. I think they could have done a hell of a job with a fake documentary that follows the book. Based off the trailer, I don’t see any similarities between the book and the movie but for the name. Alas, it has zombies so I’ll go see it. But I might wait for it on Netflix.

    • Milo

      Have to agree with all of this. Went to see the film last night and it was so woefully Hollywood-chic that I wanted to weep for what might have been. We lovers of zombie cinema could have had the next 28 Days Later or a Night of the Living Dead for this generation…instead we got plodding pacing, predictable jump scares, perfect hair, shallow plotlines and product placement. Just depressing.