Can Someone Please Explain To Ashlee Simpson How Being Gay Works?

Don’t you kind of love it when vocally homophobic people turn out to be gay? I’m not afraid to admit that I do.

As previously reported, Joe Simpson‘s marriage to Tina Simpson is on the rocks because he finally (allegedly) came out of the closet, at least according to tabloids and my own personal gaydar. And this has Ashlee and Jessica Simpson all upset and angry! Not at the religion that forced their dad to pretend to be straight for decades, but at their parents, for various stupid reasons.

According to Radar, which never lies, “Jessica has sided with Tina because she believes her father has done horribly wrong by her mother and their marriage was a facade.” A little uncharitable to her dad, who was raised in a climate of bigotry, but fair enough. He should’ve told her he was gay at the beginning of their sham marriage. Ashlee, on the other hand, “is pinning the blame on her mom for not giving Joe enough attention during their marriage. She believes Tina was absent too often and that caused Joe to look elsewhere.” That’s right: Tina made Joe gay by not paying enough attention to him. O RLY?

It might be easy to chalk this one up to Ashlee Simpson being an idiot, but you have to remember these two were raised under Christian fundamentalism, which is basically an idiot factory. When you teach kids that being gay is wrong, they view it as the result of something bad someone did, and not, you know, the result of being born that way. Let’s hope Ashlee’s gay friends (everyone in LA has gay friends, right?) are able to talk some sense into her.

(Via RadarOnline)

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    • Amy

      Wow, an unconfirmed rumour about how a celebrity is reacting to another unconfirmed rumour.

      Since you actually, literally do not know anything about the situation beyond rumous and gossip, have you not considered alternatives? While I know the media like to pretend everyone is OMG!GAY or OMG!STRAIGHT, it’s really not that clear cut. Maybe he’s bisexual and a lack of attention from his wife was a contributing factor in him having an affair. Or maybe you just don’t know any of the people involved, nor any of the facts and you’re just speculating poisonously.

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