What Happened To The Many Movie Boyfriends Of The Olsen Twins?

Winning London (2001)



Chloe (Mary-Kate) and Riley (Ashley) got an awesome opportunity to travel to London for an International Model U.N competition. Naturally they get caught up in the competition (which they mistakenly believe will help them win the city of London), while also meeting Brian and Lord James Browning Jr.

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Brandon Tyler played Brian Connors. Then Brandon Tyler acted on So Little Time (starting to feel like MK & A didn’t even bother doing casting calls). Then we never heard from Brandon Tyler ever again.

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Jesse Spencer played Lord James Browning Jr. Apparently this role gave him so much confidence that he went on to have a decent acting career. In fact, he’s one of the most recognizable boyfriends from their entire video collection. He’s acted in the TV shows Neighbours, House and Chicago Fire. Yes, that Chicago Fire. He’s on TV right now! Way to go Jesse!

When in Rome (2002)


Ahhh, the sisters continue their European adventures. This time Leila (Ashley) and Charli (Mary-Kate) are interning in Rome — and let’s just saying they learn a lot more about the language of love than they do about their career. Thank you Ryan and Paolo!

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Derek Lee Nixon played Ryan. Now he appears to just play an extra in a Backstreet Boys cover band. Just kidding. But his photo does sorta imply that, no? Derek’s still acting and still mostly unheard of in Hollywood. However that hasn’t stopped him from acting in four movies this year — and one next year!

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Michelangelo Tommaso  played Paolo. As an authentic Italian actor he’s mostly stuck to acting on Italian TV.

The Challenge (2003)



Just like in the Parent Trap, this movie forces the very different twins, Lizzie (Ashley) and Shane (Mary-Kate) to work together. It’s quite the challenge for them. However, rest assured, they do overcome it.

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Brian Skala played Marcus. Now Brian Skala plays small roles in lots of different TV shows like House and NCIS. While he’s no household name, he’s definitely acting enough to afford a household. Hopefully. I don’t know how much these kind of actors make.

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Lukas Behnken played Adam. Like his friend Brian, he’s also thrived on TV shows like Everwood and Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, I almost feel like I recognize him — and that makes him successful in my book (coming to Urban Outfitters everywhere this spring).

New York Minute 2004 )



Now this movie actually made it to theaters and I actually paid to see it opening weekend. So I feel very attached to the story about Roxy (Mary-Kate) and Jane (Ashley). They’re just twins (AGAIN!) who must put away their differences and work together to solve a crime. Their boy toys Trey and Jim help them find themselves and the criminals. I think. Maybe. Either way these boys are the most famous love interests!

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Jared Paledecki played Trey and he’s a name we all recognize! Now he’s Sam Winchester on Supernatural.He definitely ranks highly on the success-o-meter and I hope the Olsens kept his number.

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Riley Smithplayed Jim. He obviously used this film to rocket himself to fame and currently stars as Riley Wallace on 90210.

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