Rihanna And Chris Brown Singing About Their Undying Love On ‘Nobody’s Business’ Will Freak You Out

Rihanna Chris Brown "Nobody's Business" leak listen Unapologetic album tracksAlmost a year ago, I declared that Rihanna and Chris Brown singing about rough sex on “Birthday Cake” was really uncomfortable considering that, you know, he beat her up in 2009. But I was wrong. You know what really gives us the heebie-jeebies? Listening to RiRi and Breezy croon that they’ll never stop loving each other on their new single, “Nobody’s Business.”

Just a day after Rihanna released the tracklist and informed us that she would be collaborating with her abusive ex/maybe current boyfriend, her new album Unapologetic got leaked. You can listen to the whole thing here; it’s not bad, though I know I’d have to hear each full song before they grow on me. (Also, I have this weird thing where I get into Rihanna’s music like three years after release.) I was underwhelmed by “Numb,” her song with Eminem, and really liked the David Guetta collaboration “Right Now”—but come on, it’s clear which song we’re gonna talk about this morning.

The worst part is, “Nobody’s Business” is kinda catchy. I’m no music expert, but it’s really upbeat (anyone else get a Michael Jackson vibe?) and the lyrics would be really uplifting if Rihanna were singing to anyone but Chris. But unfortunately, the two of them seem determined to prove to the world just how in love they are and how they won’t let anything get in the way. (Rihanna’s bruised and bloodied face being evidence of how Chris deals with people that get in his way.) You can listen below; Chris sings the first part, then it’s Rihanna declaring her love all the way.

Me and you, get it?
Ain’t nobody’s business
Said it, it ain’t nobody’s business

Your love is perfection, please point me in the right direction
I’mma give you all my affection
Every touch becomes infectious
Let’s make out in this lexus
There’s no other love just like this
A life with you I want, then can we become lust persona

You’ll always be the one that I wanna come on to
Boy let me love you and show you how’s spice show you off
I wanna be your baby, you’ll always be my baby
Tell me what you want now

What we want is for you two to stop this vicious cycle! …Oh, you weren’t talking to me? This song just gives me the shudders. I can see why Chris, manipulative bastard that he is, would want to keep shouting his “love” for Rihanna from the rooftops. But it’s so difficult to watch her get lured in time and again, and not stand up for herself when the best thing she could be doing is to cut him out of her life. She was doing so well! She was buying cute baby gifts for Adele‘s son and aligning herself with people who have their shit together!

I wanna be your baby, you’ll always be my baby… Twitch. Part of me is tempted to say we should just let them do their own thing, but I’m really worried about Rihanna, you guys.

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    • http://profiles.google.com/james.samans Jamie Samans

      “a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency: a victim of misplaced confidence; the victim of a swindler; a victim of an optical illusion.”
      Maybe it’s time that people start catching on that there was never much reason to feel sorry for Rihanna, and that your mistake was caring as much as you did about someone who was using your concern for her own gain.
      All of you caring fans are the victims here.

      • justme

        Thank you!!!

      • nataliecrush

        Ooh, well put. Especially “a victim of misplaced confidence,” I’ll remember that.

      • Dinnyq

        I think she appreciated the concern in 2009, when she needed. Now she doesn’t, she’s fine. People are just beating a dead horse. It happened, it was horrible, they moved on. Everyone else needs to too.

    • kmama

      Sad. If he hits you once, he will again…

      • Lovely

        So let me get what your saying right. If you misjudge your footing and fall down and break a leg once, you WILL without a doubt do it AGAIN??? It was a mistake that you intentionally made as a result of misjudgement, right? If you disagree, then you prove your are a bigger fool than you sound because in life there are absolutely NO absolutes. NONE!!! One can never say what another person will or will not do, not even for yourself.

        Again, like they said….Aint nobody’s business but theirs. Just live your life, turn off the radio when their song plays and stop reading articles/blogs about them.

      • nataliecrush

        I really don’t think he “misjudged” it when he slammed her head against the car door, bit her fingers, and threw away her cell phone so she couldn’t call her assistant for help.

      • Dinnyq

        Not necessarily true. He’s not an abuser, just a one-timer. He would have beat up all his other girlfriends if he thought it was a fun thing to do.

    • mr

      Well said

      • nataliecrush

        Thank you! Especially after I got called a nosy reckless bitch ho…

    • justme

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Im pretty sure all the people out there including the editor of this article has done something they wished never happened. Let these two learn from their mistakes just like the rest of us and move on with their lives

      • nataliecrush

        But is staying with the guy who beat her up the best way to “learn from her mistakes”?

    • lovel

      Like they both said…..Aint nobody’s business, including yours. Get your own life to live so perfercty.

      • nataliecrush

        But if it’s nobody’s business, why are they singing about it?!

      • Dinnyq

        Artists sing about love all the time

      • maddi

        yeah nobodies business so lets tweet about and and sing songs about how its nobodies business! derp.
        What kind of image do you think it sends to rhiannas thousands of fans, many whom are young impressionable women, when she clearly accepts her ABUSER as a lover? She gave up her privacy when she got into the business, and has other people to think of now.

    • Toxic Couture

      Damn how can I get payed to be a nosy reckless bitch hoe you ain’t worried stupid bitch u just want something to talk about bitch she grown she can for wateva the fuck she chooses but on the low u slandering her name which might be your intentions and I definitely didn’t know you can go to school to be a nosy bitch and get a degree for it smh bitch your the tragic

      • Amy

        I agree with Toxic Couture. As much as I think Chris Brown is an undeniable piece of shit, this author, and every other celebrity gossip writer, is guilty of concern-trolling. Like this well-spoken lady said, you DON’T know Rihanna and it is really tiresome, at this point, to continue to publicly pity her and “worry” for her. You just want page hits, we get it… but it is tiresome. Toxic Couture and I are tired of it.

      • nataliecrush

        Honestly, I wrote this without regard for the pageviews. This song, and their relationship, does creep me out.

        Also, totally putting that on my resume: “Paid to be a nosy reckless bitch ho.”

    • Dinnyq

      Time and time again? Their relationship isn’t abusive. He hit her once, learned his lesson, and never did it again. You don’t know him or how he’s changed. They obviously genuinely love each other and always have. He did a horrible thing, but that doesn’t define him as a person especially not almost four years later. Clearly Rihanna has forgiven him and they’ve been able to move forward. You should try it. It’s THEIR decision to be together, no one else should be telling them what to do. If they love eachother and can maintain a healthy relationship now I don’t see the issue. People get more emotional about the whole thing than they do. Clearly, they don’t want the public stuck in the past anymore. They’re adults, and at this point, they know what they’re getting into.

    • halo

      She’s not “staying” w/Chris Brown. She has reconciled w/Chris Brown. He didn’t beat her yesterday, last week, or last month and she remained w/him. It took her three years to find her way back to him and ONLY SHE and CHRIS BROWN know what that took. They were and still are “kids”…immature, reckless, crazy, uninhibited and “in love” (whatever that means to them at their age). Everyone has a serious major f**k up in their lives that they hope no one will ever discover but unfortunately for these two “kids” theirs was and because of their fame and notoriety EVERYONE knows and judges them. Who are you to judge anyone? Who really gets off on talking trash and gossiping about other people anyway? KARMA, it will come for YOU! You are exactly the kind of person who deserves it’s wrath!!!

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    • MfanU18

      Rihanna already said that this song it’s not about them both.

    • Really???

      Let it go people!!!

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