Video: Anne Hathaway Gets Philosophical, Campaigns For ‘Sexiest Hair’ In Amusing SNL Promo

Natalie Portman‘s not the only short-haired actress who can kill it hosting SNL. At least, that’s my conclusion after watching Anne Hathaway‘s bizarrely funny promo spot for her SNL hosting gig this coming weekend. (As well as her previous hosting gigs, of course.)

In the short-but-great commercial, Anne appears alongside Jason Sudekis to promote the show and think deep thoughts. Said thoughts include:

-What would SNL be like if Jason had never been born?

-“You know what they say, third time’s a charm.” “I thought they say, whatever the mind can conceive the man can achieve?” ONTOLOGICAL BREAK: WHO IS “THEY?”

-Jason turning into Anne.

-Whose hair is sexiest?


I don’t know about you, but this clip has got me pretty psyched to watch Anne host SNL yet again this weekend. (Oh, and her hair obviously wins.)


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    • Uriah Romero

      This was a pretty good promo! I remember when she hosted last and I’m
      sure she will be great this weekend. Also, I’d vote for her hair were it a real
      contest. I won’t be able to see the show live since I’ll be working late at
      DISH that night. A while back, I set up my Hopper from DISH to automatically
      record the show so I can watch it the next morning. Its nice being able to have
      the entire season on my DVR with more than enough recording space left. I know
      Anne will be a great addition to the recent string of hilarious hosts that have
      been on the show.