7 Celebs Who Are Super Sad Barack Obama Is Still The President

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    • Allison

      The only normal ones are Clarissa and Dionne.

    • MommyK

      Wow, I’m pretty sure Ted Nugent is completely insane, and partially illiterate. I barely understood a word of that.

    • winry

      MJH did not write anything bad about Obama,she just reacted the disgusting tweets what she got or other person got,because they voted for Romney.In addition she RT a nice tweet about Obama she accepted it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hfites Howard Fites

      Which of these is a celeb? This is a list of has beens and nut jobs.

    • Jeanne Townsend

      I am a born-again Christian who showed up and I voted for Obama. I couldn’t get past the Republican party’s inhumanity towards women and their exclusion of anyone who is not pasty white. Whether or not they like it, women, people of color, and those who have alternate lifestyles do exist in this country. Be a little more compassionate and don’t call a child born to a woman from rape a gift from God and you just might have my vote in 2016.

      • Jamie Beu

        I’d say you still have a little more growth left to do in your journey toward being fully Christian. Loving your neighbor means loving ALL of them, including the ones who are “inconvenient” (e.g., a sick elderly person or an unexpected pregnancy) or those who come from bad situations (this means the child of rape as well as the financially, mentally, and spiritually poor). Until you can accept all human life as children of God – from good and bad circumstances – you’ve still got a long spiritual journey ahead of you.

        God bless as you come to learn more about Our Savior.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Armin-Niklas/695757875 Armin Niklas

      Funny how you idiots are so hung up on gay marriage, marijuana and abortion that you fail to see the financial disaster that Obama has walked us into. When we are out of jobs and the country falls to depression, none of those things will matter. I voted Bush the first term, but wasn’t stupid enough to vote him in a second. What’s your excuse for putting the Democrat’s Bush back in office?

      • atlantarunner

        As opposed to when Bush was in office that destroyed the economy and started the largest recession ever…that actually was a depression and Obama stopped and then Bush started the most expensive unpaid war in history and even tried to lease the security of our ports to the Arabs and you complain of marijuana and gay marriage? Hahaha. Ok..now go back to your room and study for your GED.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lauro-Andrea/1439990992 Lauro Andrea

      These are ex celebrities or ‘has-beens’.

    • ritaramona

      What a bunch of LOSERS

    • Martel

      I know you Leftists ,of the OWS / Alinskyist / Michael Moore-ists – y’know, the ones who preach “tolerance” – would love nothing more than to burn them at the stake – in the name of “tolerance”,maaaaaaaan.

    • jg

      twittering every brain fart is for losers!

    • Rachel

      No “the donald”, the world is laughing at YOU.