The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump is the Original Mean Girl

And we’re back people! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for their third season on Bravo, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. When we last left these ladies, Kim Richards was going to rehab, Taylor Armstrong was reeling from her husband’s alleged suicide, and the rest of the women were pumping out products and divorcing their husbands (I’m looking at you, Adrienne Maloof!). We pick up back with the one and only, Lisa Vanderpump.

She has just moved into her house away from Adrienne. Brandi Glanville comes to visit Lisa at her pad, which is absolutely outrageous and beautiful. Her bathroom is the size of my house in the suburbs that I grew up in, and I am not exaggerating. And this was the Vanderpumps downsizing. Come on now! It seems that the two of them have become quite close since Season 2. Brandi gives Ken and Lisa tequila and some weird sex toy. Totally normal and appropriate items for a housewarming gift. Lisa then talks about her 3-year anniversary party for her restaurant, Villa Blanca, and how Adrienne Maloof is not on the guest list. Yikes!

Looks like we might have a running storyline throughout the season if these two can’t patch it up. Their feud goes way back, but everything came to head at last season’s reunion when Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids. Lisa denied it and still wants an apology from Adrienne. Adrienne, of course, finds out she is not on the guest list and accuses Mrs. Vanderpump of being petty and childish. Why would Lisa invite someone to her party who she doesn’t like or want to be around? It’s her party, and she can uninvite whomever she wants to!

Lisa and Brandi hang out the whole episode! Is anyone else kind of weirded out by this friendship? Brandi openly admits that she wants to have sex with Lisa’s husband and Lisa seems to be okay with this, but you know what they say, “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.” I’d keep an eye on Brandi too! Brandi is a sex-obsessed, skinny little vixen. If she came into a party I was at, I’d just call it a night because no man would even look at me for the rest of the night. So it makes sense that Lisa and her are now BFF.

All the ladies (minus Adrienne) meet up at the Villa Blanca anniversary party where Yolanda Foster makes her public appearance. This party has naked models with fairy wings and body paints—in true Vanderpump fashion. Lisa Vanderpump is the hostess with the mostest and introduces Yolanda to Kim. The two are both not drinking for the night and bond instantly. The rest of the women chat and conspire and gossip about how much they hate one another (except Yolanda. They all love Yolanda, as do I!).

As everyone chats, a humongous flower arrangement comes right in the middle of the party—and it’s from Adrienne Maloof. Boom. Your move, Lisa. That was quite the passive-aggressive gesture. I don’t think that Adrienne and Lisa are going to be patching up this little tiff anytime soon. I can’t wait for this all to come to a head! ALSO: WHERE IS CAMILLE GRAMMAR? Can someone help me out with this? How was I not aware that she wasn’t going to be a housewife this season? I’m devastated.

(Photo: Bravo TV)

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    • ohs

      did you not wait around until the end to watch the “this season on…” part – Camille is on

      • Katie Garrity

        my DVR cut out before I got to that part! I’m excited to see her, but sad she’s not a housewife.

    • Shaune

      I don’t blame Camille not
      returning full-time as a housewife, she went out on a good note last season. I
      was talking about the new season with my co-worker from DISH. We both could not
      figure out what type of flower arrangement that was that Adrienne sent Lisa, but
      we thought it was hilarious. I can’t believe I’m going to miss next week’s
      episode but I’ve already set my Hopper from DISH to record it so I won’t miss
      any of the drama. There is so much DVR recording room I’m going to record the
      rest of the season and I will still have room for some of my other favorite
      Bravo shows. I don’t think the friendship between Brandi and Lisa will last
      very long from watching the previews.

      • Camilla Bech

        Stop spamming on “the real housewives of Beverly Hills” videos!! We get it! Your DISH whatever thing is amazing, now please, go away!

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    • cj lastchance

      kyle has a biting tongue and it’s something she should watch. adrienne is quite a number…she must be in maloof land. she has no sense of humor and what does she expect when she calls someone a paid snitch. as for taylor…she needs HELP!!!!!!!!!!!l