Video: Your Boyfriend Is Circulating An Attack Ad To Make You Stop Liking Ryan Gosling

In this current election season, there have been many negative attack ads circulating about Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and a host of candidates for local office. But in the midst of all this, it’s important not to forget who the real bad guy is: Ryan Gosling.

What? You heard me! You may think your beloved Baby Goose is a modern day hero who saves people’s lives and cares about your feelings, but in reality he’s nothing but a shady, shifty, puppy-kicking ne’er do well.

According to the above video, Ryan Gosling’s numerous crimes include:

-Not caring about other people

-Being sick of George Clooney

-Breaking Sylvester Stallone‘s leg in three places

-Spitting in little kids’ faces

-Fueling one of the worst wars in the world

-Throwing knives at the other kids during recess as a child (this one actually happened, apparently)

Will this be enough to sway you from his sensitive, strangely accented ways? Probably not. But your boyfriend figured it was worth a try.


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