The Backstreet Boys Mishandle Their Comeback By Jumping The Gun On Christmas

As part of their ongoing comeback, The Backstreet Boys are currently working on a Christmas special to end all Christmas specials. By the time they are done with you, you’ll be manically licking candy canes and wearing ten Santa hats as you nurse an intervention-worthy addiction to good cheer. But there’s only one problem: they let footage of their secret plan get out too early, hence jump-starting the Christmas hysteria less than a week after Halloween.

I’m talking specifically about this video just posted to TMZ, in which those ageless androgynes sing a brand new Christmas song in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland on a lovely 94 degree day. It’s unclear whether or not the footage was authorized, and I realize you need to start preparing now if you want to release a Christmas special by Christmas, but it doesn’t matter: its net effect is to make me annoyed at the Backstreet Boys. Hence, I say their plan is “back”-firing.

Look, I love Christmas as much as the next secular Jew, but there’s a time and a place to start it up. I just made my peace with the fact that it’ll be winter soon. Allow me to sit shiva for summer a little longer before launching into full-on Christmas mode, or I am not going to buy your comeback album. (Yes, I was thinking about it.)

Am I being too hard on the Backstreet Boys for factors that might have been out of their control? Perhaps. But if no one fights against early Christmas-itis, soon we’ll be drinking egg nog in August, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

(Via TMZ)

Photo: WENN

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    • Doni

      The Backstreet Boys’ performance is part of a taping for ABC’s Disney Parks Christmas show which will air on Christmas Day. ABC always pretapes footage for that special in November and early December. Get your facts straight before you write about stuff.

    • Don

      The performance is for Disney’s Christmas Day Parade. Disney always tape their Christmas special in November, check your facts.

    • TiredofCrappyWriters

      “Am I being too hard on the Backstreet Boys for factors that might have been out of their control?”

      I’ve got one piece of advice for you – the next time before you start writing an article for a public forum, do a little research – then maybe readers will take you seriously. As the first poster indicated, it was part of an advanced Disney taping.

    • Maureen

      Oh sheesh it’s always like that every year. This year performances are BSB, Toby Mac, Ross Lynch, and then there are more still TBA which will tape in 1-2 weeks, which will still be November.

    • mizajmclean

      Disneyland always tapes their Christmas Day Parade the first week of November. They need their cameras to be where the Christmas Tree goes to get footage of the parade coming down Main St., so they have to do it prior to putting it up. They do all the Christmas taping that weekend, so it was not the Backstreet Boys fault! I was there yesterday and yes we were roasting in 90 degree weather, but the Backstreet Boys were amazing and all us Fans were more than happy to hear them perform their new Christmas song, which was amazing too!!

    • Jonah

      Do you realize how idiotic both you and TMZ sound like now? Lol it’s disney’s show, disney’s schedule, the backstreet boys and the other performers (yes they’re not the only ones, there are more than 3 performers) merely followed their schedule.


        Christmas or no Christmas, their song is great. I’d buy it any day of the year.

    • walnutgrove2

      Hello? Have you not been watching tv to see the layaway commercials for christmas.Plus, havent you been in stores to see christmas stuff appearing on shelves? Quit trying to ruin the success of the backstreet boys by dogging them. Here they’re trying to put out a new album next yr and be great role model dads.