Gallery: Everyone Looked Very Sparkly At The CMA Awards

Last night, the 46th annual Country Music Association Awards brought out the big guns in the form of cleavage, sparkles, and people non-country music fans have actually heard of. There were sequins, leopard print, big hair, and many, many hats. And yes, there was Taylor Swift trying her damnedest not to look smug. Let’s take a look.

Photos: WENN

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    • Jessie

      Kelly Pickler shaved her head in support of a friend with cancer!! I heart the eff out of her!

    • Nancy

      Alright, as a huge fan of ‘Nashville’ (I thought it’d be really lame but it’s amazing!) I have to point out that they all sing their own songs, including Hayden. According to my extensive research (by re, i mean google) she was actually nominated for a Grammy years ago for a song on a Disney soundtrack. So there. I like her.