Rob And Kristen Are Trying Too Hard To Make This Whole Situation Seem Normal

This is it, everybody. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sat down side by side with MTV for their first big interview since the cheating scandal that rocked America and led every talk show host on television to try to fatten Rob up with sugary treats. Granted, I’d eat ice cream out of the carton with Jon Stewart in a heartbeat.

This is huge. This is the biggest interview since Jill Zarin scolded Andy Cohen for firing her. This is the interview that has been dancing through Twihards’ heads like sugar plums for months. This is like if Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie suddenly became friends again and gave an interview. This is historical.

This is… really awkward.

I don’t know why I would expect anything other than awkward, coming from the pair who constantly look like they’re about to throw up on each other onscreen. Somehow the interview becomes even more awkward because Taylor Lautner is sitting there next to them and he looks as excited as we are to hear what’s gonna go down.

What goes down is a desperate attempt to make things look normal. There’s more forced laughter than me when I trip over something on the sidewalk and make flailing bird arms to balance myself.

The exchange which really made me cringe is when the pair are asked about their onscreen sex scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (video here). Kristen pulls the “I’ll let my man take care of this one” card, and Rob nervously, Britishly obliges. After making the weird comment that their vampire-on-vampire love is like a new “form of sexuality,” he goes on to pause for an uncomfortable amount of time, before comparing it to the pottery scene in Ghost.

Okay, Rob, I know you were put on the spot, but comparing your onscreen love-making with your newly forgiven girlfriend to one of the most famously sexy scenes in movie history is trying a little too hard. I personally don’t find that scene sexy, because thinking of all that clay on my fingers makes me hyperventilate, and it’s unfortunate that Patrick Swayze‘s character had to die in such an unfortunate shirt, but I know that a lot of other people like it. I liked it better when Rob was getting the nutritional content of cereals wrong. That’s the kind of (food-related) awkward I can handle.

To make things even more awkward, Kristen is extending the desperation into the entire Twilight press tour. According to People, she said she kept rings from the film, both the mood ring Bella’s mother gives her and the engagement ring from Edward, because  they are “really, really extremely important to me. I love those things.” One “really” or “extremely” is good enough, Kristen.

I just hope the rest of Robsten’s interviews include Taylor sitting there grinning in a v-neck sweater. It’s the only thing that will make this press tour go down easier.

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    • KAT


      • LCT


        Where do these folks come from? Do they just troll the internet for every Robsten mention?

      • Petranella

        yes this is why Robsten must be so sick of this BS.

      • ss


    • Tina

      Agree. I think Rob has always handled it wel with humor, but we all know what Stewart is and none of this all’s well charade is going to change those pics and facts. It’s really a lot of nerve for Stewart to talk about those movie rings as something important to her when real life wedding rings mean welcome to my mini cooper to her. She’s sickening how smug and cocky throughout this.

      • m

        Once again…the very angry Tina poster from GC… smh

      • Petranella

        She can do what she wants with the gd rings.

      • nena

        I usually am nice but that is uncalled for!

      • ss

        That Tina person is a hotmess….

      • nena

        Yes I just can’t tolerate the horrible words still after 3 months, get over it! Right ?

      • abbeysbooks

        Just keep giving her a link to the photoshopped pics.

      • ss

        You know what’s funny, how alot of people are still ANGRY over this. I understand, why people didn’t like what happened. Cheating is wrong. But, I just don’t (and won’t) get it, why people got so angry (and even more bat s**t crazy) and all emotional about it? Still boggles my mind. What’s even more strange, is how affected people got…i mean death threats? Either way, people never thought KS was good enough for RP. This scandal finally gave those people a legit reason to back up their senseless claims, from all these past years. They were waiting and hoping for something to prove their “concerns” for RP. And they got it. Now and always, those people will run with it. Tina is a perfect example of this. Lol And when those two break up (for good), those people will be the first to say, how much better his new someone is than KS and blah, blah, blah and this and that….it’s never going to end.

      • nena

        Hey they might not break up!! :) not really mad but hey

      • ss

        Your right…you never know.

      • ss

        Right. It’s like, c’mon people move on and get over it. They weren’t the ones that got cheated on and RP isn’t related or friends with any of them at all. So I don’t understand why people took it so personal lol. It’s not like anyone is saying, “forget” about what happened or anything like that. It’s just getting old.

      • ss

        You shouldn’t be talking about someone’s “nerve”, since you got alot yourself. You sure seem like to do two things: 1. For someone who can’t stand KS, you sure spend alot of your time talking about her,as much as you can. 2. Point the finger alot. I can’t imagine when a friend of yours ever does anything stupid, how you would treat them. Scary. Because you seem to want to s**t on KS, every chance you get about what she has done and what type a person she is. And this is without even knowing KS (or RP) for that matter. Crazy.

        * I also read GC boards. I’ve seen your comments. You are definitely that Tina person from GC, like that M person commented about earlier.

      • nena

        I hope that if you ever do something you regret later that you have friends that support you, and I hope it is not plastered all over the Internet all over the world, and that you won’t have anyone like YOU to thrash your name on websites.

    • so

      you are so full of shit with your pr stunt you are so paranoid now you look at their body to know how they fell for each other pff . I guess since the majority of Hollywood and now the music industry is
      on the nonsten pr payroll list, Summit could only afford a $3.00
      Halloween mask

      • Jenni

        Pfff to punctuation too!

    • Dawn

      I don’t want to hate either of them. I really wish they would clear things up for their good fans. We just don’t know what to make of the situation anymore. To quote Edward, ” I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask to loose you.” We fans didn’t ask for this PR stunt. Now all we want is for them to give us a reason not to walk away.

      • Petranella

        I guess no one is going to ask them to their face” “Is this a publicity stunt”?

      • ss

        That’s what I’m saying!lol I mean their people could say no personal questions allowed. BUT even if so, it would take a very BOLD person to ask THAT question right out. Can you imagine, the looks on both RP & KS??? Lol Priceless…

    • Petranella

      Sure it is going to be awkward, but if your examples are the best of this, sounds like a mountain out of a molehill is being made. And the “really really extremely” quote is just classic KS—if you have followed her.— you ain’t going nowhere with that!

      • nena

        I agree it is very petty!

    • ss

      Does it really matter? Who in the hec knows, if this cheating scandal was a PR stunt or not. Or if, some of it only was… I’d be very uncomfortable, trying to have a “normal” interview after what happened. There was no way, THIS interview wasn’t going to be awkward at all. Come on now, this is RP and KS very FIRST interview TOGETHER after what happened. They know everyone would be watching them, and over analyzing their every move and what they said, or didn’t say, more than ever. Those two are both awkward already (KS alot more than RP), so why was anyone expecting or hoping for different?lol At least they tried. It’s also called being a professional. Either way it goes, they can’t win.

    • Amelie Panetski

      Kristen is a normal person trying to make her way in the dating world, acting world, human world. Most of us just roll our eyes at the mean-spirited, ugly words.

    • a little confused

      Eh? What about the part were it’s bound to be awkward for them to do the promotion of the last movie? I mean, MTV is where it all kind of started with interviews while they were still filming Twilight. And the whole interview was kind of focussing on the ‘this is it, guys, this is the last one’ thing, so it has got to be weird for them being there looking back at the beginning after all they’ve been through…