Real Housewives Of Miami: Is Adriana Really Going To Pretend She Didn’t Punch Joanna Krupa?

Having seen more than my share of reality TV over the years, including countless seasons of Real Housewives, I’m pretty familiar with people deluding themselves in front of the camera. That said, after watching The Real Housewives of Miami last night, I think I’m back to square one as far as being surprised by the extents people will go to to lie to themselves. The episodes have been airing at odd times, but the last two were set at Lisa Hochstein‘s Lingerie Party, where literally everyone was fighting with each other except for Ana Quincoces and Marysol Patton. Joanna Krupa was fighting with Lea’s guest Joe Francis, of Girls Gone Wild, who said he slept with Joanna and her sister, Marta. Lisa was fighting with Lea Black‘s guest James and Karent Sierra‘s guest Beau, who had words with each other resulting in thrown champagne and then thrown Beau…into the pool, splashing the DJ booth and almost ruining the party. And of course Adriana De Moura-Sidi has her ongoing bone that she likes to pick with Karent Sierra. Which is the main fight that we’re gonna talk about.

Adriana ‘pulled Karent aside’ in the kitchen, in front of everyone, to continue their conversation from whenever the hell, and yell at Karent for supposedly stealing the spotlight. Joanna saw the confrontation taking place and came over to ask what was going on (which, coincidentally, is exactly what Alexia Echevarria did when she saw Adriana and Karent talking at her party), and Adriana was having none of it and told Joanna to leave. Except she said it rudely and Joanna was Krupa-wasted so she started yelling back and the confrontation became between the two of them. So when Adriana tried to walk away from the conversation, Joanna followed her screaming profanities down the hall, at which point ADRIANA TURNED AND PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE.

That is what happened. Through the magic of cameras, we were all there. We saw what happened. Joanna didn’t reach out and pull her by the hair, or scratch her arm. Adriana turned around and hit her, which she’s conveniently forgetting in every single version she’s shared with people. In last night’s episode she told Alexia and Lea that Joanna attacked her, and so far hasn’t said the word ‘punched’. She makes it sound like Joanna pulled her around so hard by her hair that her arm just kind of whacked her in the face. Accidentally, I’m sure. She has also proceeded to call Joanna creative names like “super whore” and “super hooker” instead of supermodel. Behind er back, of course, even though she’s totally against that. She’s extremely intelligent.

Listen I’m not saying that Joanna didn’t deserve it. She turns into a raving blond lunatic when she drinks, as evidenced by her fiance Romain’s decision to leave without her as the fight was breaking out. But she’s at least owning her part of it. She admits she was drunk enough not to remember parts of the night, but knows she didn’t start the physical violence. Adriana, on the other hand, seems pretty dead-set on writing her way out of the whole interaction. Maybe by next week she’ll be convinced she wasn’t even there.

(Image: Gossip Cop)

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    • jellybean

      owning her part? what, “I was way too drunk to move my face in time when my obnoxious @ass got punched for butting into an argument, pointing in someone’s face, roughing up my sister, cursing and yelling so bad that my boyfriend exclaimed “embarassing…I’m leaving” and walks out, and then when the more intelligent and dignified person walked away from the argument, pursuing said person down the hall and reaching out and grabbing her shoulder in order to make my point that NO ONE walks away from me?”

      good lord, if EVER, on the face of the EARTH, someone deserved to be punched in the face, it was Joanna Krupa in this instance. She is a known psycho, use google, it’s free for everyone. I am sure there is a very lonnnnnnnnnnng line of people in her past that relish the fact that someone finally landed one ‘right on the kisser’ of this crazy nutjob.

    • Lorena

      I will agree Joanna is crazy and a
      really bad drunk, but no matter how bad the behavior she did not deserve to get
      punched in the face. I liked Adriana from the first season of ‘The Real
      Housewives of Miami’ but this season she has proved to be the least likeable
      person of all. I’m going to miss next week’s episode because of my new work
      schedule at DISH, but I’ve already set my Hopper to record it. There is a ton
      of DVR recording room so I can record the rest of the season. The punch
      Adrianna threw would easily be considered battery, and I’m surprised Joanna
      didn’t press charges.

    • Roxanne

      Thanks, Alexis, for summing up what I thought of the incident. Its just so childish (and kind of dumb) how Adriana is lying. She lied to Joe about the reason for the fight, she lied to Lea about the “attack”, and she even lied on WWHL when it became “self-defense”. Honey, it is not self-defense to turn around and cold punch someone. It doesn’t matter how much they’re verbally attacking you (or running after you). Sure, Joanna was aggressive and annoying but there wasn’t any physical contact (pulled hair or yanked shoulder) as she claims. Its all on camera.

      What is Adrianna teaching her son? That its okay to punch someone if they annoy you enough? Its simply wrong and I appreciate your article for putting words to the craziness and lies.

    • HHH FFFF

      Adriana is a liar and she likes to exaggerate the flaws/negatives of others. Just look back to the reunion of season 1. She REALLY went after Cristy Rice with all the rumors, and I’m sure not all of those were true. While Joanna is obnoxious and doesn’t back down (especially when a bit tipsy), Adrianna started it all. She didn’t pull Karent aside in a corner of the house-she did it with all the other women in the kitchen. If 1 of my friends were being confronted by a bully, I would butt in too. Adriana had no problem with Alexia butting in at the Venue party but because Joanna wasn’t on her side, it was a problem lol. We didn’t hear all of what Adriana said to Joanna that ticked Joanna off because of the noise in the kitchen, but it was enough to make Joanna put her finger in her face. Adriana didn’t walk away with grace or dignity-she did it because she lost the argument and didn’t want to hear the rest of Joanna’s point about journalists twisting your words. Joanna is much more famous than Adriana so she knows about articles. Joanna wanted to finish her point by chasing Adriana which was foolish but I understand it. It’s annoying when someone rudely walks away and you can’t finish your statement. At no point do we see Joanna grab Adriana before the punch though. If you look at at the clip several times, you can see Joanna was still pointing and yelling. Adriana turned around when she heard Joanna screaming right behind her, NOT because Joanna allegedly “grabbed her first”. Joanna grabbed Adriana’s punching arm AFTER getting punched, not before. They both ended up scratching each other, as Joanna pulled Adriana back down the hallway. I’m curious what would have happened if Lisa had not grabbed the broom out of Adriana’s hands. She looked ready to hit Joanna with it.

    • Jordan

      It’s questionable whether Adriana punched, slapped or merely shoved Joanna. The camera’s angle makes it difficult to say exactly what happened. All I know is this: reality shows that feature physical confrontations like this love to add sound effects to their footage to trick viewers into thinking something is more serious than it actually is. In this case, they decided to add a sound effect that sounds similar to a punch being landed. If you actually look at the footage, it’s difficult to tell if this the case.

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