One Direction Gets Featured In British Vogue, Making It Impossible For Adults To Continue Ignoring Them

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I didn’t know One Direction existed. That I lived in the same world as Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan and I didn’t even know them, let alone know enough to stalk their respective girlfriends.

But now I know them and I love them and I blush at how easily I can rattle off all their names to my friends. While we’re obsessed with the boy band at Crushable, I’ve sadly learned that most people my age aren’t quite as enamored with them. In fact, (prepare for a large gasp), some of them don’t even know who are or why I can belt out all the words to “What Makes You Beautiful” when it starts playing in CVS.

However that all ends right now and right here. One Direction is featured in the December issue of British Vogue in a black-and-white photo, which I believe marks their first official foray into the adult world. Won’t be so easy for everyone to ignore them now, will it? WILL IT?!? Cue sinister, but excited laugh.

Seriously even the most pop-culture-illiterate adults know a black-and-white photo in Vogue means business.

So for everyone out there who’s reading this, but remains determined to ignore the name Harry Styles, stop. Stop right now. You’re only going to feel silly in 2013 when these boys are showing up everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Not just on MTV and not just on the pages of Seventeen, but in major publications.

Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if The New York Times featured them on the front page before Thanksgiving. However that doesn’t mean you should get overwhelmed by their invasion into the adult world, just know that they’re here to stay and it’s in your best interest to start getting to know them.

Or at the very least, start getting to know Harry Styles’ hair.

(GIFS: Nonsensical Fun/Be British)

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    • Mandy

      Hey I’m an older One Direction fan. I only recently became a fan. I am 28 yrs old and think they are so adorable and very talented. Great recording voices and they sound amazing when performing live. Everyone is definitley going to take notice of them. I heard about them earlier this year but only started really following they’re careers right before the VMAs. Those boys have a long and bright future ahead of them. They are a boyband. I like the fact that they are not a typical boyband, like they don’t dance and have all these elaborate sets, it is just simple and just them. The simplicity of them is great, they are not showy and outlandish. Just 5 boys following their dreams. I’m very proud of them. Although I do have to say I have quite the crush on Harry lol but its okay, he’s legal lol.