Video: Humorless Libertarian Issues Youtube Response To Lena Dunham’s Barack Obama Ad

When I first saw Lena Dunham‘s Barack Obama ad, I thought it was a cute and clever way to get young people (young women especially) excited about voting and remind them of some of the issues at stake: access to health care and birth control, as well as reproductive rights. Not so with many conservative commentators, who found the “first time” double entendre wildly offensive.

Now, a Youtube user named TokenLibertarianGirl has voiced her distaste with a “parody” video that isn’t nearly as funny as the original. In an exaggeratedly dumb voice, TokenLibertarianGirl says:

“Your first time shouldn’t be with just anyone. You wanna do your first political ad with a real misogynist. It should be with a guy who sees women as purely sexual objects. Someone who believes women only care about birth control and abortions on demand. A guy who wants women to vote like our ladyparts depend on it.”

Translation: caring about women’s access to healthcare and their right to choose if/when to have babies is a clear sign you see women as purely sexual objects, while treating women as vessels for men’s sacred sperm shows you respect them as people. LOL WUT?

And what’s up with this “abortions on demand” language I hear the right using? Aren’t most medical procedures performed “on demand,” i.e. you have to go in and ask for them?

She goes on to detail the issues she thinks Obama is using his support of women’s rights to distract us from: the war in Iraq(?), the drone attacks, the economy, etc. While I do have serious misgivings about Obama’s aggressive military tactics, it’s not like I trust a Republican any more with the nuclear launch codes. I also find it more than a little ironic that she’s offended Lena compared voting for the first time to “sexual intercourse,” but not that someone is trying to make laws governing her right to control her own body. Priorities, people.

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    • Isana Leshchinskaya

      wow, crushable. i have for the first time gotten myself into a youtube comment war due to this video. vive la revolution!

      • Jenni

        So proud right now!

    • abbeysbooks

      I like her parody.

    • Guest

      Mitt Romney thinks he can bombard me with commercials because I live in a
      swing state. There are far better candidates the GOP leadership could
      have chosen as their nominee. I am writing in Ron Paul because I refuse
      to compromise my Integrity in the name of the “greater good,” and
      because I believe that as a True Christian I am prohibited by my God
      from choosing “The lesser of two evils.” No vote is wasted when you Do
      the right thing, and let God do the rest.

    • lalala

      Just like Isana Leschinskaya, I probably just started a YouTube comment war……I mean it’s late so they might not have seen it yet but I definitely left a relatively angry comment haha. I’m so excited to see what irrational anger it evokes! Oh god I can’t stop commenting on rude, idiotic comments.