Kevin Jonas Makes Incredibly Pointless Announcement During Married To Jonas Season Finale

Don’t listen to what you hear about Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Jonas living in New Jersey. Because last night’s Married to Jonas season finale made it pretty clear that the two relocated to Disappointment City.

Last time I checked in with these two not-crazy kids, they put me to sleep. In fact I laid out a very clear set of suggestions  for their show that they  should consider if they wanted to make it watchable. But it looks like they took none of my suggestions and instead  insisted on becoming the most uneventful reality TV show to ever air.

How do I know this by only watching the season premiere and the season finale? Well they had the exact same conversations last night as they did during the season premiere.

In fact the conversations about expanding their family and The Jonas Brothers going back on tour and Danielle worrying about both families getting along all took place during the season premiere. If the Jonas Brothers didn’t actually perform at Radio City Hall during this episode, I would have assumed it was a rerun.

However I didn’t tune in for that highly-anticipated concert. I tuned in for Kevin’s big announcement, an announcement that required both families being invited over for dinner. Naturally we all assumed this meant Danielle was pregnant, with child, renting out her uterus, growing a baby in her belly, inviting the stork over for a play date. Why else would you ask both families to come to a dinner on a random night?

Well if you’re Kevin Jonas, you would do this simply because you want to talk in hypothetical terms about possibly, one day, maybe,  expanding your family. It’s the worst non-announcement announcement of all time. I want that on the record because I can’t imagine a worse announcement.

(Yes, you can turn this into a drinking game. Take a shot every time you read the word “announcement” in this article.”

Unless next season of Married to Jonas involves Bucky Deleasa moving into the master bedroom with Kevin and Danielle, I’m not interested in seeing this show again.

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    • Nicole

      Couldn’t agree with you more and is it just me or does Danielle have no personality and words seem to be hard to form for her?

      • Jenni

        She seems like a nervous wreck. Also amnesiac. I don’t understand how she stressed out about her family eating dinner with the Jonas’. Did they not meet before, during and after their wedding??

    • New Orleans

      Is Danielle half in the bag most of the time or is she just a complete bore? Most young women would love to live her life (but with a straight guy) but every time she opens her mouth it’s about how hard her life is. Find a good therapist, grow up and please, stop filming this show!

    • amanda

      I like this show its waaaaaaaay better than the stupid Kardashians no that’s a show they should cancel the STUPIDEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!

      • Jenni

        Saying something’s better than the Kardashians is like something’s less offensive than Chris Brown. Doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

    • Anna

      I love Dani Jonas..she’s sweet girl

    • Freya

      Jesus guyz stop worrying abt Kevin who Is SO funny and fit and dani who is SO pretty and No she isn’t a ‘bore’ if u guyz were actually nice and took the time to look at her past life mayb ud understand!!! She has anxiety problems so b a lil sympathetic for once!! My grandma killed herself cuz she had anxiety problems too!! So go get a life u LOSERS!!