• Mon, Oct 29 2012

You Won’t Believe These Candid Photos Of Elizabeth Olsen Hanging Out Like A Normal Person

Elizabeth Olsen candid photos eating apple music festival New Orleans unidentified male friend boyfriend set photos

Well, this is shocking. There are new photos of Elizabeth Olsen out, but they’re not the latest surreptitious snaps from a film set. Rather than watch her marry an anemic Draco Malfoy or channel the ’70s with Dakota Fanning in Very Good Girls, we witness Elizabeth in her natural habitat. You could argue that a young actress is most comfortable on a film set, but we get the real deal: The youngest Olsen simply hanging out.

According to these photos, she’s at the Voodoo Music Experience Festival in New Orleans with “an unidentified male friend.” That’s another thing! There’s no Tom Felton or Jake Gyllenhaal on hand, just this normal, nonfamous guy who looks cute even though all we can see is the back of his head. Elizabeth certainly thinks so, the way she lets him brush hair out of her face and — are you ready for it — laughs.

Elizabeth Olsen candid photos smiling music festival New Orleans unidentified male friend boyfriend set photos

What wizardry is this? Elizabeth out and about when she’s not en route to a film set or movie premiere? Since Martha Marcy May Marlene came out last year, it seems that Elizabeth has become one of the hardest-working young starlets, wrapped up in a project in every genre and always looking fabulous at events. Catching her on her downtime — where, let’s point out, she still looks great — is a rare occurrence indeed.

I almost feel badly that there was a paparazzo around to snap these photos, but if s/he hadn’t, then we wouldn’t have proof that Elizabeth is still living a fairly normal life even though now she’s in the spotlight that she spent most of her life avoiding. Sure, there were those great candid photos of Lizzie playing ping pong as a teenager, but that was before she was famous.

Elizabeth Olsen candid photos dancing music festival New Orleans unidentified male friend boyfriend set photos

Is she… dancing? You know that Mary-Kate and Ashley would never have been caught cutting loose like that.

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com

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  • Kettlyn

    Nossa que coisa,e o amigo dela parece ser bem bonito