• Fri, Oct 26 2012

Could The Mystery Woman Following Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Be A Real Vampire?

After spending time apart promoting Breaking Dawn abroad, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunited last night for a secret Prince concert in Hollywood. The news didn’t surprise me at first. After all, everyone knows now that they’re back together (or “back together”) and back in love and back in the paparazzi spotlight. Everything they do now will be photographed, documented and analyzed for body language.

Naturally I began my morning trying to read into their posture. How does her stance relate to how she’s feeling? Are they 1 inch apart or 3/4 of an inch apart? Because the difference in that is the difference between a lifetime of love or a lifetime of misery.

As I started looking at the photos a little more closely, I realized something seemed off.  I’m no Great Mouse Detective, but I can spot a mystery when it’s staring me in the face. Look at this photo. There’s Rob, there’s Kristen and then, take a moment to collect yourself, there’s a woman in a white ribbed mock turtleneck following them. Just blatantly following them.

Now, if this was a regular turtleneck, I wouldn’t be so suspicious. But a mock turtleneck. Now that’s something that gets my guard up. Who is she, what is she hiding and why won’t she look at the camera?

Sure, she could be a friend (unlikely), a parent (yeah right) another concert-goer (low odds), but I’m placing all my bets on the fact that she’s following Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because she’s a vampire trying to figure out how they found out so much about vampire birth.  And they’re so busy trying to hide from the cameras that they don’t even see her there behind them.

This is a real life mystery and after spending a lifetime reading Goosebumps, I think I’m ready to take it on.

(Photos: Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com)

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  • ss

    I think vampires in mock turtlenecks are way more scary than… THE Volturi. Scary stuff.

    On another note, I understand why celebs like KS &RP (not kim K, because she is….well what is she?) hate having the their pictures taken by paps etc, etc. I get it because it’s the paps. End of story. BUT it just seems slightly ridiculous (especially after all these years) that those two always duck and hide sooo much. That after awhile you can’t just help and laugh at them because it’s like they are running and ducking for their lives.lol…

  • alanda

    Looks like KSCREWS mommy…she doesn’t have any real friends…and needs to go out with her parents….and have them fix her problems, like go speak with her “boyfriend” who dumped her after there were photos of her married director going down on her in a car in every mag

    • m

      Ummm…okay there??lol

    • nena

      really you could see that in all mag? wow you must have seen different pics then the rest of us did!!! Maybe you have never seen a minicooper because if you had you wouldnt make such a silly statement. And If you look real close at all the pics you would see that THERE WAS NO CHEATING AS ALL THE PICS HAVE BEEN PHOTO SHOPPED!!!!

  • ellenj55

    This story is a joke. Glad they are getting out. They will never give the paps any good pic. The have said t over and over. That’s the only reason they cover up. Good for them!

    • Jenni

      I don’t think vampires are a joke. They’re incredibly dangerous.

    • lillicat

      Jenni: there was a newspaper cartoon today (Arlo&Janis) where the little grand-daughter was dressed up for Halloween as a ballerina “vampire”. When asked by the grand father why?, she said”because vampires are people just like us!”

  • lillicat

    Good article, Jenni. Especially the mock T-neck. Abbeysbooks sent a link to Robsessed for the entire vid, and it really creeped me out. I dd notice the woman (vampire) in white did not get into the car with R&K. Maybe she was protection, because they needed it.

    • nena

      Who let the hater in here spouting lies? Alanda I mean not you lillicat!

    • lillicat

      Hey Nena: Are you having a good day?

    • nena

      Pretty good day! Husker volleyball lost last night but football won today so it’s good, how about you? Going to sleep now it’s midnight and I’m tired later

    • lillicat

      It’s now Sunday night, and Im trying to catch up. UT lost to S. Carolina, but Ole Miss beat Auburn. This place is all about the SE Conference. I also have to follow Alabama and Middle TN State University ( different conference). I just don’t have the time to park in front of the tube for sports all weekend. If you are from Neb, your blood runs Cornhusker Red. We had friends that would do anything for those Huskers!

    • nena

      Well yes I was born here so yeah we are pretty hard core! Today was good because volleyball beat Penn St in 5 sets, Penn St was #1but we beat them!! It was so great!! So not a wasted weekend. I was on Robsessed a while ago and I don’t get how these women there, twitter, GC who all think that telling everyone what they want RP to do to them or what R&K do to each other is ok, and they think that if RP read this crap that he wouldn’t be horrified by them. They say KS is bad for cheating ( which she didn’t) but they don’t see that they are cheating by thinking this crap

    • lillicat

      I just can’t do Robsessed any more. I used to follow Tink because she wrote some good blogs about R&K, but after Rupertgate the site gave me a stomachache. BTW, they posted that they were going to be respectful, gah. I made one post that I wished them both happiness, and it was attack time. Fine. They can stew in their own juice. Many of the sites for both K&R closed down too. I mainly check on Robsten Dreams because they have supported both of them, Crushable, and GC (cause I like the reg posters).I get Google updates on R&K, but I always look on the all sites before clicking on anything. If the tagline says anything about cheating or RS I don’t even go there. It’s almost 3 AM here. Sweet dreams.

    • nena

      Ha I went to sleep around then also, i have difinately lost sleep since july 24th. I was just on Robsessed and posted a few times when people said that KS cheated. I posted that she didnt and pics were photo shopped. Another person posted about fantisizing about RP and then going to bed to DR which must mean husband or SO. I asked her why that wasnt cheating? People call KS a cheater why wasnt this cheating also? so we will see if I get banned. I posted yesterday about her not cheating and got 2 comments that wernt to bad, was called naive, but I just said the pics are fake and that I have an open mind and would want all info and make an informed opinion. so….

  • Peony

    Yeah Nena go for it!I cant believe that people still think Kristen cheated when it is so clear the pics are doctored.People ‘see’ what they want to i guess.I’ve realised that people hate Kristen so much that they want to see her crushed under a battleship.Wonder what she did to inspire such loyal unstinting hatred?Exist?Personally i think she has managed to keep her head high despite the hate wave.Strong woman.

    • nena

      Yes she exists and I think they think that if she were gone out of the picture that RP would date them. The say KS cheated and call her names but then they say all this crap about him and them together and don’t see that that’s cheating on their husbands also!

    • Peony

      I think all the people spewing venom at Kristen (including the media)need to take a break.They have vented enough to last a lifetime.Know what i really find funny?articles spring up from the same writers contradicting their own stories within a day!One day they are gushing about the reunion and the next day they are analysing why there is no actual reunion.There is this lady who supposedly psychoanalyzes the whole relationship and keeps walking in circles around herself !

    • nena

      Yes the media just keeps rehashing articles and like u said one day pro the next com and sometimes in the same day. GC takes these dumb articles to debunk and have these titles that bash KS but act like they are doing her a favor by proving them false but the titles are bad and that’s all people will remember, the bashing title.

    • Peony

      I guess we’ll just have to wait for people to get fed up with these stories and stop reading trash(then media can stop creating trash).