What Your Favorite Katy Perry Song Says About You

Katy Perry turns 28 today, and you all know what that means: even more of her beautiful music than usual will penetrate your ears whenever you step into a grocery store, an H&M, or wherever computerized torture pop is played. Just thinking about it puts us in the mood for Katy-Perry-inspired cakes!

It also puts us in the mood for Katy Perry’s music. She has so many catchy hits, but we want to know your favorite example of her songwriting skills? I know it’s hard to choose, but I want you to try, because it will reveal a lot about you. For example…

Photo: WENN


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    • AJ

      You missed the best one – “Thinking of you”

    • Jenni

      Ugh I peaked in high school and I wasn’t even on that high of a peak.

    • Sara

      bahaha… lol at the face of the girl on right of Katy Perry in the still of ‘California Gurls’!! That is a face that screams ‘I knows I look good in cupcakes b****!’

    • http://twitter.com/noJungleKiss David

      I don’t have a favorite Katy Perry song. What does that say about me?