What’s The Difference Between Taylor Swift And A Middle School Girl? One Makes Millions!

While I find Taylor Swift’s music just as addicting as the next girl, I find her attitude toward her career as well as her relationships so incredibly disappointing. Throughout her publicity tour for “Red” this week, she continued to drop coy hints about her music and pretend to be surprised that people care so much about who each song is about.

In fact she tells Katie Couric on an interview airing this Friday, “I don’t read anything about myself, so I didn’t know that that was a thing that people figured out.”

For all the acclaim about her maturing on this album, I find her general disdain toward being an adult more obvious than ever. It’s not only that she wrote an album about her famous ex-boyfriends that she knew would be dissected by her millions of fans, but she’s now pretending like this was her only choice. That these men wronged her so badly that she has no other option but to publicly out them as assholes.

Maybe during the beginning of her career, she did feel like these famous men took advantage of her. Maybe she truly felt victimized by other children during her childhood.

But now she’s Taylor Swift, one of the most successful and profitable music artists of our time. At some point in the last few years she went from the underdog to the mean girl — and it’s incredible to me that because she acts sweet and demure during interviews she gets away with it.

During the interview, she tells Katie that some of her ex-boyfriends “like to write really long emails” in response to her songs. Then  she gave the camera quite the smug little look as everyone in the audience laughed along with her.

Considering Taylor Swift has said in the past she doesn’t contact these guys before releasing these songs, I don’t think an email asking her about them is the most insane notion.

What would you do if your ex wrote a song about your relationship that made her millions of dollars? You’d probably want to say a thing or two to her about it. And as an adult, you’d do it privately, via email — opposed to singing about it in an incredibly public song.

After all, making fun of an ex-boyfriend in public fell out of fashion in middle school. It twists the situation from one about confrontation to one about humiliation. No one calls someone out in public unless they’re looking to embarrass that person. Do these men need to be embarrassed about something they did to Taylor? Do Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas and John Mayer deserve this publicity?

Maybe, maybe they do. But since Taylor likes to avoid those kinds of questions she leaves her fans in some kind of limbo that says it’s okay to make charged accusations toward someone in public without any kind of evidence to back it up. The lesson she continues to impart to her fans is that if it makes you feel better about yourself, then don’t worry about their feelings. After all, they must have had it coming.

Perhaps even most incredibly, she goes on to blame the media for her lack of successful relationships.

“I don’t know how to have a normal relationship because I try to act normal and love from a normal place and live a normal life, but there is sort of an abnormal magnifying glass, like [a] telescope lens, on everything that happens between me and anybody else. I don’t really know that much about love, it turns out.”

Nope, singing about past relationships has nothing to do with her inability to have a healthy, normal one now. It’s always someone else’s fault when you’re Taylor Swift.

(Photo: Enrique RC, PacificCoastNews.com)

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    • Trashy Taylor

      I love you, you are spot on. Why do people automatically believe Taylor? I really believe she is a liar who is all about attention. The fake surprises are for the pre puberty childeren and their grandmas, ie Ethel Kennedy. Ethel and Taylor are made for each as both are attention whores. Ethel is more than willing to whore her grandson for attention in the hopes of getting the attention of the likes of Jackie O. Ethel you will never be Jackie O and neither will Taylor no matter how many designer clothes you wear.
      I despise both these women because they are so selfish and the eptiomy of what a human being should not be. Taylor should fit right in with the Skalal family (ethel’s birth family) but she will never be a Kennedy just like Ethel. She may have the last name but the elderly woman is trash pure and simple just like Taylor.

      • Jenni

        I think people believe her because she’s pretty. But not sexy, that would be threatening. As long as she continues to keep her modest image, people will struggle to say anything about her. It amazes me.

      • Soshiloveable

        when she gets into a cheating scandal,I wonder how many fans she will lose..hahaha >:)

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Regina-Callahan/100000170196949 Regina Callahan

        You are so right about the modest “image”…does anyone really think that John and Jake hung around for as long as they did for coffee dates…no…..but then she gets all “clingy” and “this is forever” and they split after they got what they wanted but couldn’t put up with the way she acts and how she makes sure the press are whereever she is to get her and whoever in a picture. Whatever, but sure wish she could sing better, she has no vocal range at all.

    • Putuporshutup

      I can’t think of a single song on Red where Swift publicly outs anyone as being an asshole. It seems only fair that if the writer is going to make harsh accusations–name the songs and lyrics where Swift outs someone. Swift writes about relationships, fałling in love, and breaking up on Red. We are never ever etc…I see as a generic pop anthem. So come on, Jenni–name the songs on RED that outs a guy as an asshole–and cite the exact lyrics.
      Btw–the person writing as Trashy taylor? Hmmm….

      • Jenni

        She’s been doing interviews all week where she says they’re about particular guys, but she won’t name them for fear of getting long emails from them. Did you watch the video above? Or this video of her on Ellen.


      • http://www.facebook.com/aalanmr Alan Martins Rodrigues

        I still don’t know how the writer could put Taylor Lautner and Jake Gylenhaal’s names on that list. Back to December is simply Swift apologizing for what SHE did to HIM and all the songs supposedly about Jake on Red talk about how great that love was and how fond she finds the memories of that particular relationship. Sure, she sang “So casually cruel in the name of being honest” but can we really take this as publicly outing someone as an asshole? This is her being truthful about her emotions and putting them into songs, not for the world to buy but for her to feel better/share happiness. Lastly, even the songs that were purposefully written to “out” somebody (i.e. Better Than Revenge, Picture to Burn, I Knew You Were Trouble, Dear John) I can accept because each of those guys (and girl) had it coming.

    • Cumuluscloud

      The cruelest song I know of is Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River. He even made a video with a Britney lookalike. Kanye West wrote a whole album where he trashed a woman he’d dated. John Mayer? He’s well known for writing songs about women he’s been involved with. He even gave a magazine interview talking about these women, naming names, and even calling one famous woman “sexual napalm”. If “dear John” is about Mayer–and Swift has never said it is–and all Swift does is diss the man in his 30s for playing with her head when she was just 19—the creep got off way too easy. He’s a terrible person, and it’s about time someone gave him a dose of his own medicine. He even used the “N” word in an interview!

      Red is a great album. I honestly think it’s sexist for Swift to be criticized while the guys get free passes to be as nasty as they want. And we won’t even talk about how women are treated in rap music.

      • Jenni

        But Kanye and John Mayer don’t get off easy. I think they’re both considered douchebags by everyone, including their fans. I don’t know the last time I read an article that praised them as upstanding gentlemen who are role models for young men.

    • Soshiloveable

      when will she learn that she has to find someone her age? she already has had 5/6 boyfriends! noone will be willing to date her if she has this much baggage with her,not even a man will want a girl like her with 5/6 exes

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    • Jenny

      She never blamed the media, Jenni, she was asked

      • Jenny

        about how she feels with the media seeing her every move.