Sources Say Selena Gomez Only Dating Justin Bieber For Business Reasons, Everyone Else Says Duh

The longer I spend writing about celebrity relationships, the more I believe love is dead. At least in Hollywood where every relationship’s apparently brokered like a business deal. The latest rumors coming from our good friends at Radar Online say that Selena Gomez wants to break up with Justin Bieber, but can’t because it will damage her brand. Keep in mind that these rumors follow last week’s rumors that the two would be getting engaged soon. It’s so hard to keep up when you believe everything you see!

A close pal of the pair (who will likely no longer be a close pal of the pair) tells us the following gossip:

“Justin’s heart is with Selena because she’s his first true love, but Selena is pretty much just riding out the relationship because she knows he’s good for her image.” And it’s not just Selena who recognizes what dating Justin is doing for her — her entire team is pushing her to stay with him because of the opportunities it’s given her career.

Years ago I would have shaken my head in disgust! No one would date someone else for branding reason. Why, that would be insane! They’re human beings, not pawns being overseen by managers, publicists, record labels and movie studios who have invested an incredible amount of money in their career.

But now I believe it. It’s rare to find a celebrity relationship that’s not doing some kind of double duty. Sure the couple might really be in love at some point, but by the end it always seems to come down to how the two can use each other to further their careers.

So while I don’t have trouble believe Selena Gomez may only be dating Justin Bieber for business reasons, I have trouble believing that will still be the case in the coming year. Selena Gomez’s a star on the rise! She has movies, music, a TV show and a fashion line. Justin Bieber’s peaking and he’s peaking hard. Sure he had a great run for a long time. But no one stays on the top forever, especially when puberty gets involved.

As someone who will never probably never get the chance to advise Selena Gomez, let me pretend for a hot sec. Let me act like she googles “Selena Gomez advice from strangers” and could possibly find this.

Selena, your career can survive a break-up with Justin Bieber. In fact I think you might even find that you do better after you break-up with Bieber. Especially among the adults out there who only know your name because of his name. So ignore what everyone else is saying  to you and tell him it’s over. Oh and BCC us on the email to him so we can publish it like the close pal that you know we are! Love you girl!

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    • Nadia

      “Sure the couple might really be in love at some point, but by the end it always seems to come down to how the two can use each other to further their careers.”

      Counter example: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Despite all the cynicism, taking Stewart back is definitely detrimental to Pattinson’s image; the desperate public apology was detrimental to hers. They pined away without each other. Serious unresolved love issues on both sides there, despite her “indiscretion”!

    • Kari Roys

      They’ve been together way too long to just be for publicity. This is not the best news you could come up with. Why is Hollywood always trying to break couples up? The looks of thing to me this is a genuine and beautiful couple with wholesome and substantially deeper feeling for each other…i hope things work out really well between them…..Singles can look for the right dating advice at

    • Shawn

      Well this person who is a friend of Selena is wrong.
      Yes Selena does want to end things with JB but she hasn’t yet not because his good for her image it’s because she would like to end things and still be friends with him so he doesn’t go and tell some private thing’s that Selena told him about some of her family and friends.
      She feels if she ends things without staying friends he will tell all that she has told him and cause trouble in her life.
      I think it will be over soon and if Selena just comes out and talks to her friends and family before ending things with JB they will understand and still back her up 100%.
      Selena is the one that keeps Selena on top it’s not JB. Even if they weren’t dating Selena would still be where she is today.

    • simran

      ya that is true that Selena Gomez only looks for her business if Justin Bieber would not see
      selena than also she would catch someone else for her business that is not fare with justin I
      hope justin should seriously look into this matter and should leave her

    • Reese

      I guess she took your advice.