Rumors Finally Starting To Spread About Kim Kardashian Getting Married Again!

Jesus Christ, what took Kim Kardashian so long to start planning a wedding again? It’s been almost a year since she began her divorce from Kris Humphries and she’s just now allegedly planting rumors that she’s planning a $20 million wedding to Kanye West. Was Kris Jenner asleep throughout this entire relationship!? Get in the game woman!

It’s bad enough that she hasn’t leaked another sex tape in years. But this kind of disrespect toward her fans shows just how out of touch she is with the people who love her. All we want for Kim Kardashian is for her to profit off her life choices. For her to see just how many weddings she can convince E! to pay for before they say enough is enough.

Reports coming in say that the wedding will be over-the-top elaborate and cost more than your entire extended family will ever make in their lifetime.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star is also said to be eager for either their close friend Beyonce or Celine Dion to sing at their special day.

The source said: “Kim’s all-time favourite singer is Celine Dion, and she has had her people reach out to her for a price; usually a private performance runs well over $6 million.

“Another option they’re strongly considering is Beyonce, who will be there anyway.

And that’s exactly what I would expect from a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding! Not only for them to spend insane amounts of money on a marriage that’s unlikely to succeed, but also to name drop Beyonce as if she’s a close friend who’s not forced to hang out with them.

This is why we’re all defending marriage! So people like this can do it as many times as they please.

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    • gail

      I’m beyond sick of this girl…. and kanye> I for one don’t believe Beyonce is a close friend of this smut.. she and kim have nothing in common.. I think after what kanye did to Taylor Swift he deserves to marry a woman that’s been passed around the industry like yesterdays meat loaf…..! He’s a creep and she’s a slut.. so that would make them a perfect couple.

      • Jenni

        I think they would make a perfect couple because they both understand what it’s like to be in love with yourself.

    • Summer

      Jenni, thank you for this article. I am so happy that you can see right through this vile woman. I am so disgusted by her. I also hate the way she and her PR friend Jonathan Cheban name drops BEY knowing that it’s all lies. Kim has mental issues. She is psycho! They’ve already been busted for name dropping her. Kim is so sad and desperate. Kanye needs mental help. I think he is lost.

      I hope YOUR story spreads so that people can see how desperate she is.

      • Jenni

        I think it’s so obvious that it’s hard not to see it! Does anyone think this is a real relationship with no strings attached??

      • Summer

        Jenni, why do you think Kanye would get into something like this? It is hurting him more than her.

        Also, everything is a photo op for them. Did you know they went to the Angel Ball and stayed about 45 minutes? They left after Kim’s fake bday cake photo op. By the look of the pictures, you would have thought they stayed for the entire event. She, then takes to twitter with all her fakeness like the event was so wonderful. She’s so fake!

      • Jenni

        I think he just loves attention so much that he doesn’t really care if it’s good or bad. Think back to his infamous moment interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs. That made him look horrible, but he still did it.

      • Summer

        Yes. However, the Taylor moment nearly cost him his career. It was a stupid thing to do. You would think he’d learn from it. This is just as bad.

    • Ana Bastow

      So no bets on how many days their marriage will last? My money is on 60 days, they need to outdo the other “marriage” after all.

      • Jenni

        I would say 9 months. Long enough to get a baby special out of it this time.