It’s Getting Painfully Obvious That Angelina Jolie Likes Some Of Her Children More Than Others

Even though we all know mothers like some of their children more than others, it’s starting to get painfully obvious just how much Angelina Jolie prefers Vivienne, Pax and Zahara. As one of four children, my mother certainly played favorites. However in my home playing favorites meant one child constantly got front seat preference. In the Jolie-Pitt home, it means certain children get cast in mom’s movies and certain children will be forced to buy tickets full price.

Months ago Angie cast Vivienne as a young princess Aurora in her film Maleficent. While we let that one slide because Vivienne fit the profile of a young Aurora, we can longer pretend that Mother Ang isn’t playing favorites. The latest casting news from Us Weekly reveals that Zahara and Pax are now going to be in the film.

What about Shiloh, Maddox and Knox? Well sources tells Us Weekly  that Shiloh did get offered a part, but she grew disenchanted on the set. While they used the word bored, I would use the word enlightened. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Ang expected Shiloh to share a trailer with someone — or wait for her turn in line during lunch.

As she ate a stale bagel she stole from the catering table on set one day, she looked at all the personal assistants flocking around Pax, Zahara and Vivienne and she realized what a joke her role was in the movie — and in her life.

She’s Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and she’s better than some kind of cameo. Let her mother play “movie” with her favorites. Shiloh had better plans, and they involved tricking her father into doing a ridiculous TV commercial.

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    • elissa

      Maddox has a permafrown, so I’m not surprised he’s not one of her faves.

    • The Right Honourable

      I can’t believe this was an actual published article.

      • Jenni

        It’s disgraceful!

      • abbeysbooks

        At times you prefer one or more of your children to the other (s). And at other times it changes. Just a growing process. Gives you a chance to look into your self and wonder why. Demi Moore for example kept going through the developmental stages of her daughters as they went through them. Dolls, etc. She would buy one for herslef when she took them shopping. Then when Rumer I think was a teen and interested in boys, Ashton came into her life. It was a recipe for disaster that I saw way back then.

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    • Kaloma

      This article is a mean-spirited, irresponsible piece of crap. At the
      very least, it’s skewed by the author’s own personal (and apparently
      unresolved) mommy issues; at the worst, it puts forth unlikely and
      unfair (not to mention hurtful) speculation without any basis in fact.

      The only thing that’s painfully obvious is that the writer needs a reality check.

      • Jenni

        Do you know where I can get a reality check? Target’s out, not really sure who else would have it. Maybe CVS?

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