Chasing With Steve Aoki Sounds Like The Most Fun Reality Show Ever

Chasing with Steve Aoki Fuse new series

A new web series Chasing with Steve Aoki (which premieres tomorrow, Tuesday October 23rd) sounds like The Amazing Race but set in the music world. Three teams of mega-fans compete in a road rally, undergoing extreme challenges to be the first to track down superstar DJ Steve Aoki and get a VIP night out at one of his outrageous concerts. But unlike other reality shows, all of these challenges sound so fun. Because all of the puzzles and physical stunts are drawn from Steve’s life, the teams get to do things like no other show has had its contestants do. No eating bugs or facing your fears here!

Episodes air every Tuesday and Thursday starting tomorrow. Watch as the challenges get more and more ridiculous and the teams get closer and closer to finding Steve. We can’t wait to cheer on the teams as they compete in this road race, all with Steve giving them clues and hints that will bring them closer to this once-in-a-lifetime prize. But we get the feeling that they’re gonna have a pretty awesome time getting there.

Follow the Clues. Complete the Challenges. Find Steve Aoki. The Ultimate Music Adventure Starts Here!

Be sure to like the Chasing Facebook page,, and tune in tomorrow, 10/23, for the first episode at Fuse.TV/Chasing!

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    • lolaoki

      steve aoki sucks so bad. he is a complete joke to the music world. he should hide behind his daddy’s fame some more.

    • StevoTivo

      Literally, the worst DJ in the world. Beni-HAHA. What a joke.