Madonna Brings A Gun Onto A Colorado Stage, Has Officially Lost Her Mind

That Madonna. She is a normal human being who acts in normal ways that are always intelligent. Right? Or maybe I’m thinking of someone else, because the Madonna that I know would never go onstage waving a prop gun at a Colorado concert, where a tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora took place mere months ago. But this one did! During the song ‘Gang Bang’, Madonna faked shooting a masked man also holding a gun in the head and climbed up a blood-spattered wall. It has a semi-correlation to the song that was playing, which includes the lyric, ‘shot my lover in the head’, but it also had a definite correlation to the tragedy on July 20th, when a masked gunman used a real gun to kill 12 people and wound another 58 during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora.

And this isn’t just bloggers picking up a story of an artist maybe just having a lapse in judgement and running with it, either. According to reports, a lot of people at the concert itself were really uncomfortable and offended. One man who was at the concert, Aaron Fransua, told AP:

“We’re dancing and all of a sudden people started realizing what the song was. We all just stood there. Everybody who was around me all had shock on their face. I heard a lot of ‘wows’.”

Another, Peter Burns, a personality for a local radio station who lost a close friend in the tragedy, said:

“You could see people kinda looking at each other. I heard the word ‘Colorado,’ you know, ‘Aurora,’ ‘shooting.’ You could hear people talking about it and it was little bit unsettling. I saw two or three people get up and grab their stuff and actually leave their seats.”

Come on, Madonna. You’re not seriously gonna say this was just chance. You guys had months to notice the similarities between your act and the show, and to pull it. The fact that it’s still in there means that it was intentional — you wanted the shock value, and for everyone to be talking about your concert the next day, even if the music wasn’t memorable.

And after all this, you’d think that Madonna and her team would at least have the decency to respond sympathetically to peoples’ understandable sensitivity, but instead her representative, Liz Rosenberg explained why it was super completely necessary to leave that part of the show in, saying, “It’s like taking the third act out of Hamlet.” Yes, that’s a good point. Because Madonna is frequently referred to as ‘The Great Bard of Our Time.’

Come on, Madonna. Maybe it’s time to sell off some of your robo-parts and buy some compassion and humility at auction. You can pay wholesale.

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    • Ant-LOX

      The show has been running since May, The killings happened in July. Someone is being shot to death as I type this. Guns are apart of the world, get over it, Madonna has.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        So Madonna has had since July to come up with an alternative sequence for the Denver audience. Or, barring that, she and her team could’ve at least responded with sympathy and compassion when her audience was bothered by the content.

      • Ant-LOX

        The Dark Knight Rises features heavy gun violence. Did Warner Brothers stop the release of the film after this violent event occured? No, they just raked in $160,000,000 in 3 days from profits. I live in Philadelphia where more than 200 people are murdered due to gun violence, every year, and Madonna performed the same gun laden performance, and no one had a problem with it. In fact, someone was murdered by a gun the night she performed.

    • Honest

      yall really need to get a life what a buncn of bullocks

    • SuperFatAmanda

      Alexis, I agree that Madonna should respond since “some” in her audience might be confused. However, calling out Madonna for using a toy gun in her show is hypocritical, especially at a time when Colorado movie theaters are showing several violent films. Nobody in Colorado has asked television stations to stop showing violent television shows. Worse yet–nobody in Colorado has done anything about the lax gun control laws. Pushing the blame on Madonna is sexist and makes the problem worse.

    • Pat

      What nonsense! The problem is NOT Madonna. The problem is selling guns to anyone, even freaking lunatics like the one who shot those people in Aurora. What now, is Hollywood abandoning all guns in the future? What about videogames and their use of weapons of all kinds? Should we all just go out on the street and kill people just because we saw Madonna perform an act? Wasn’t Batman itself a movie filled with violence? Give us a break, will ya?

    • bbmtn

      Meanwhile at the movie theater where the shooting actually happened the movie Alex Cross is currently playing which has plenty of gun violence and there is a poster hanging up at that theater showing the main character hold a gun and yet there is no outcry at all about this. TALK ABOUT DOUBLE STANDARDS!

    • Johnnathan

      This is so stupid!!! so why Hollywood dont stop to proyect Batman in movies theater?

    • KaydenD

      Madonna is told to take guns (which are used as a metaphor) out of her show after performing this choreography for months. The violence displayed in Colorado is horrific and inexcusable, but I doubt that he was influenced by anything Madonna has ever done. The complaints from Denver started while this singer was in Europe and people were aware of the show content prior to attending. Madonna’s tickets cost between $100-$350 for general admission while realistic violence is accessible 24-hours a day for our youth for FREE. Is Denver hoping that an “alternate sequence” would be available for all violent television programing? How much censoring would you need for one episode of CSI? This is hypocritical misdirected hostility.

    • Tremag

      It was absolutely a metaphor of violence to remind people about the guns issue. I was glad to be at her only concert in Dallas. Full of messages in the concert, from religion to violence, gays to politic, war and peace… the show was great from legendary Madonna.